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7 04 2014

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I attended the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg recently. While there, I had the chance to speak with Robert H. Jacobs Jr. who has authored a series of hard back books geared toward our future hunters; our children and grandchildren. Robert informed me when his children were of age to start with hunting and shooting, he could not find any books designed for the child to read. He created Little Jake based on his twins, and the upcoming The Princess series being based on his daughter. These books are written for sportsmen by a sportsman! The Little Sportsman’s line of children’s hunting stories feature realistic hunting and fishing adventures.

The books are designed with each story having a theme and lessons that each future hunter needs to learn. Currently there are 2 seriesof books; My First and Little Jake Adventures. Coming the Spring of 2014 the new series designed just for the upcoming girl hunters, The Princess series, will debut. All books are written on a 2nd to 3rd grade reading level, appropriate to be read to younger children, and read by themselves, up to a recommended 12-13 years of age. All of the illustrations are created by former Disney artists, and the books are MADE IN THE USA!

A sample page from My First series of books. Photo: Little Sportsman Inc.

The My First series has 3 titles; My First Bow, My First Gun and My First BB Gun. These cover safety, responsibility and dangers that could arise by the improper handling of their first gun, bow or BB gun. The books also celebrate the monumental occasion of the child being trusted with their first weapon.

The Little Jake Adventures series has 5 titles in this collection; Little Jake and the Three Bears, Little Jake’s Big Bowhunt, Little Jake on Safari, Little Jake and the World Record Bass and Little Jake Hunts Alaska. These books feature adventures of, the now old enough to hunt alone, Jake as he prepares for his big hunting and fishing trips. They cover the pre-hunt preparations all the way to the end results, all while focusing on ethical hunting/fishing. Hunting, fishing and shooting are all shown in a positive light, while they stress the importance of safety.

Sarah using the books to instruct Ellie on bow safety. Photo: Diane Hassinger

I brought home three of these books, fully expecting my younger grandchildren to enjoy the stories being read to them. I was then surprised when I happened into the living room, to find Sarah, 11 years old, reading these books to her little 2-year-old cousin Ellie. Sarah explained to me “These books will teach Ellie that weapons are not toys, and to always use them in a safe manner, with an adult present. And she needs to know not to use them indoors.”

Of course I asked what other things Ellie could learn from these books and was informed “You need to practice to be a good shot, and if you are not a good shot, maybe you shouldn’t go hunting yet.”  So did you learn anything Sarah? “Little Jake is happy and sad when he shoots a deer, just like me! I love eating deer meat, and I know shooting my deer will help feed the family. But I always feel a bit sad that I can not watch the deer in the field anymore.” This gave me a perfect opportunity to explain conservation and about how much an area can support.

Sample page from Little Jake's Big Bowhunt. Photo: Little Sportsman Inc.

Now what I learned from these books; given a chance, kids of all ages can learn good hunting ethics together, an  11-year-old is on the brink of becoming an adult and can make great deductions from these books. Together we can educate the upcoming hunters of the world to be the best shots and most ethical hunters that they can be. Give your child/grandchild the information they need, and you will be as proud of them as I am!

These books can be purchased at with an individual MSRP of $15.99, various packages of collections are available also. Coming in 2014 paper back versions will become available at the MSRP of $12.95.

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