HSS Hunter Warning Sign

7 04 2014

hss logoHunter Safety Systems has come up with a great way to let other hunters know you are in the area, a Hunter Warning Sign! They have designed an easy to pack and even easier to pop up blaze orange hss warning signtriangle that attaches to any tree branch or fence. The edges have reflective tape sewn on, and there is also an area provided for the hunter’s name and contact information to be inked in, this could be especially important in the case of an emergency. This is a fantastic idea to use when hunting with children. I would include “Youth” in the name area, so that other hunters will be warned in advance of a young hunter being nearby, so they can use extreme caution when approaching, or avoid the area all together. Many of the states also have a hunting regulation that requires 100 square inches of blaze orange to be posted within a short distance of anyone hunting in a blind or out of a tree in camo. This sign fulfills that requirement, and rolls up into a very small bundle, easily transported in your backpack.

The last weekend of deer season I took my granddaughter out, trying to get her one last chance at a deer. Several times earlier this year we had other hunters bust through our area while we were hunting together. That is discouraging at best, and could have been dangerous at worst. This time we decided to put out the HSS Hunter Warning Sign.

Our hunt could have been ruined by someone not knowing we were nearby. Photo: Diane Hassinger

The triangle is very light weight, and when twisted down, it makes about a 4″ circle. We hung the sign on a small branch near the trail we were taking to the stand. I wouldn’t have known anyone else was in the area, that is until we came out and you could see someone’s tracks in the snow. I could tell by the snow, they walked up to the sign, shifted around a bit then turned before leaving. We will never know if they would have continued in and ruined our hunt. But I for one was glad they took the time to check out the sign, and go the other way.

With a MSRP of just $9.95 for a 2 pack, this is an extremely reasonable way to keep you and your child safe in the stand! You can purchase these at http://www.huntersafetysystem.com/warning-signs/ and at many sporting good’s and retail stores.

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