Outdoor Edge Razor-Blaze Knife

28 11 2014

outdoor edge logoHow are you at sharpening knives? Other than a quick run thru an outdoor edge blazeeasy knife sharpener, I am useless at it. I always save my knives for my husband to sharpen. Outdoor Edge has made it possible for me to use a sharp blade every time, without carrying several knives with me. The Razor-Blaze Knife is a razor blade type system that gives you the opportunity to have a sharp blade every time. I first saw these at the Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show in Nashville. I was scanning tables looking for products that would appeal to women. Since I can’t sharpen a knife blade, I was instantly intrigued.

This innovative blaze orange knife is 3 ½” when folded, and has an overall opened length of 8”. The rubberized Kraton handle feels secure when you are holding it, even with gloves on. The blades are hardened to a 57 on the Rockwell-C hardness scale and the knife comes with 6 replacement blades in the nylon Mossy Oak Camo sheath. Each of the replacement blades can be sharpened or replaced by simply pushing the lock button to remove and insert a shaving-sharp new cutting edge.

My cinnamon color phase black bear took 2 blades to cape out. It was so nice not to have to deal with a dull blade. Photo: Diane Hassinger

My cinnamon color phase black bear took 2 blades to cape out. It was so nice not to have to deal with a dull blade.  Photo: Diane Hassinger

I used this knife to trim some limbs out of my way, cut the camo netting to enclose my treestand, and the paracord that I attached it with. I then used the same blade to field dress the deer I harvested. Later, I was able to help skin out my deer and start with cutting meat before the blade started to dull. Even though you can sharpen these blades, I opted to quickly change it out to a fresh, new sharp edge.

Bear hunting was a bit more of a challenge for the blades, but it only took 2 blades to cape out the body of my cinnamon bear before switching to a smaller, more precise blade for the fine work needed for taxidermy. Since then, I had my husband sharpen all of the blades, and they are back in the sheath for my next hunting adventure. The Outdoor Edge Razor-Blaze is quickly becoming my favorite all around hunting knife.

The MSRP on the Razor-Blaze is $49.95 and can be purchased online at http://www.outdooredge.com/Razor-Blaze-p/razor-blaze.htm or at most outdoor/sporting goods retail stores. Learn more about this knife and all of the Outdoor Edge products at http://www.outdooredge.com/.

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