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17 12 2015

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The Open Bridge Binoculars from TRUGLO. Photo: TRUGLO

The Open Bridge Binoculars from TRUGLO.

This past year I was in the market for a new pair of binoculars for hunting. While at ATA, I talked at length with TRUGLO about their products, and shortly after I was testing out their Open Bridge Binoculars in real hunting conditions.

According to reports, approximately 90% of binocular owners do not know how to adjust the focus for their eyesight¹. Even the most expensive pair of binoculars will be unclear and unfocused if you do not adjust them properly for you! Since I suffer from an astigmatism,  the first thing I needed to do was adjust the diopter setting. With the Open Bridge Binoculars this is easily accomplished in just 4 steps, and now the binoculars were adjusted for my particular vision issues. Now every time I pick up the binoculars I am able to use just the center focus wheel to find my target clearly.

The specifications for the TRUGLO Open Bridge Binoculars. Chart: TRUGLO

The specifications for the TRUGLO Open Bridge Binoculars.

Features of the binoculars include twist up eyecups, lockable diopter, the single adjustment wheel works for both focus and diopter settings, BAK-4 prism design and silver coating on prisms. The textured surface provides a non-slip grip for all conditions and makes grip easier when wearing gloves too. The green matte finish blends with my hunting clothes, and does not reflect to alert wildlife. This all comes with a protective case for packing your optics and a 1 year limited warranty.

A Ladies in Camo Staff hog hunt was the first opportunity to use the binoculars in hunting conditions, and I was not let down! I spent several days sitting in a very tall stand that over looks both food plots and brushy areas, all bordering the creek with my daughter, Leann. It didn’t take long before rustling was heard, and a 260 pound wild boar cautiously entered an opening. Using my TRUGLO

Whether looking for game, or looking to see where your shot placed, TruGlo Binoculars will have you get the job done. Photo: Diane Hassinger

Binoculars, I quickly confirmed for Leann that this was a great shooter boar. As she located the hog with her scope, I was able to keep him in view while he darted in and out of the brush. Soon he presented a good shot position and I told Leann to take her shot when she was comfortable. She did! Nothing like watching your daughter take her first wild hog, while you are viewing the whole process with the clarity of really good binoculars!

In the days to come, I spot and stalked hogs thru some of the wettest and thickest conditions that southern Alabama has to offer. At all times, I was able to acquire my views quickly and effortlessly with the binoculars. Plus as they weigh only a pound and a half, my neck did not tire and ache from carrying them for miles.

Deer hunting in Pennsylvania means long hours glassing, and waiting. My binoculars get a real workout. I hunt a long field that the deer can enter at various locations. I need to trust that I can see clearly at all distances, whether I am scoping out a deer entering at several hundred yards or checking out the headgear on a buck only a mere handful of yards away.

The MSRP of the TRUGLO Open Bridge Binoculars is $303.00 and is available for purchase at

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