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14 11 2015

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The NAA Sidewinder comes in .22 magnum with a .22 long rifle conversion cylinder. Photo: NAA

The NAA Sidewinder comes in .22 magnum with a .22 long rifle conversion cylinder.
Photo: NAA

I have concealed carried for the past 5 years. I have gone from just having my Pennsylvania CCP, to being licensed in many of our states. My choice of weapon since day one has been a North American Arms Mini. I own 6 different models, and at any given time, at least one of them is on or near my body.

The NAA Sidewinder is my most recent gun. It comes in .22 magnum with a .22 long rifle conversion cylinder, with a cylinder capacity of 5 shells. The Sidewinder measures 5″ long, 2 7/8″ high and 1 1/16″ wide, the barrel length is 1 1/2″ and weighs a mere 6.7 ounces unloaded.

From top left: NAA Gun Pouch, Breaktop Holster, Ankle Holster, Holster Grip, NAA Locking Gun Case, PUG Pocket Holster, Inside the Pants Holster. Photo: Diane Hassinger

From top left: NAA Gun Pouch, Breaktop Holster, Ankle Holster, Holster Grip, NAA Locking Gun Case, PUG Pocket Holster, Inside the Pants Holster.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

All of the NAA minis come in a black metal, lockable case, adorned with the NAA logo, and a NAA Logo lock and key. Many accessories are available for this and all of the NAA minis. There are multiple holsters which will fit the Sidewinder, including; The PUG Pocket Holster, Inside the Pants Holster, Ankle Holster, the Breaktop Holster in Weave Brown Leather and the Holster Grip which would replace your regular grips and enable you to have the grip itself cover the trigger when not in use. Some personalization can also be found in various grips that NAA offers, including my favorite, the Simulated Pearl Grip in Burgundy. When traveling I also use the zippered Gun Pouch to protect my Sidewinder. The pouch can be placed in a larger case for weapons for flying, or in the NAA lockable case when traveling through states that require weapons to be locked away while driving.

The Sidewinder is a great firearm for concealed carry. Photo: Diane Hassinger

The Sidewinder is a great firearm for concealed carry.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

The Sidewinder is a fun handgun to shoot also, I love to plink at targets or cans with it. I generally shoot from about 5 yards or closer, since for concealed carry you would need to be in close proximity to your assailant. Because of that, I like to practice at close distance and I include pulling my gun from the holsters or purse to my practice. The recoil is minimal, I recover from each shot quickly and am able to place the next shot in close proximity to the bullseye, within about 1 1/2″ overall. The holster grip is the most interesting to use, you have to flip the grip open, in order to fire, with practice, I have gotten quite good at it. I have several concealed carry purses, and undoubtedly you will find my NAA Sidewinder inside. I always feel secure when traveling knowing that I have quick and easy access to protection. I have the Simulated Pearl Grips on most of my NAA handguns. I joke that these handguns are my jewelry.

From top left: NAA Sidewinder, NAA .22 Magnum with 1 1/8" barrel and NAA .22 Magnum 1 1/8" barrel with Holster Grip. These are my favorites out of my collection. Photo: Diane Hassinger

From top left: NAA Sidewinder, NAA .22 Magnum with 1 1/8″ barrel and NAA .22 Magnum 1 1/8″ barrel with Holster Grip. These are my favorites out of my collection.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

Operation of the Sidewinder is simple, the cylinder stays attached to the gun, however, swings out for removal of spent shells and reloading, thus the Sidewinder name. This makes the revolver easier and quicker to load, since the cylinder does always stay attached to the firearm. I always load mine with .22 magnum personal defense loads. These loads penetrate heavy clothing and create deep wound cavities on an assailant.

I am always amazed when I get to talking to people about concealed carry, and mention that I carry a NAA Mini, a great majority of the time, the other person will pull out their Mini! In an informal survey of Ladies in Camo; 1 can not carry in their home state, 4 carry NAA Minis, and the other 4 carry something else.

The Sidewinder and all of the accessories can be purchased at, and many gun shops around the country. If you purchase a handgun online, NAA will ship the handgun to a local FLL/Gun Shop to provide the necessary transfer of the gun. The MSRP of the North American Arms products are:

  • .22 Magnum Sidewinder with Conversion $449.00
  • Simulated Pear Grips-Burgundy $40.00
  • Magnum Holster Grip-Sidewinder $38.00
  • Break Top Holster-Brown Leather Weave $65.00
  • Pocket Holster-PUG $35.00
  • Inside Pants Holster $33.00
  • Ankle Holster-Rough $20.00
  • Gun Pouch $17.00

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North American Arms Minis

21 03 2013

This post originally published on Ladies in Camo:

Everyone is looking for the perfect concealed carry weapon these days.  Me included!  I had been carrying a semi-automatic pistol with laser sight, it should have been a good firearm for me, but it wasn’t.  I hated shooting it, and I would have been hard pressed to hit anything with it, let alone a person.  But last Fall I found the perfect carry weapon for me.  A friend of ours was visiting, and as always, talk turned to guns.  It turned out he had the same semi-auto as me, and he thought as little of it as I did.  He showed me what he had found; a North American Arms 22 Magnum Mini Revolver with a Holster Grip.  He let me try it out, and it was LOVE at first shot!  I went through an entire box of 22 mag shells, and was hitting the target right from the start.  By the time I was done, I knew I had to have this revolver.

shooting reviews 268I started to look around to buy one, and found out that they were flying off the shelves.  I was disappointed, but undeterred.  I would own one!  It took a while, but I finally was able to purchase mine.  I took it home, and just started shooting it.  It is a fun gun to shoot, but it will also get the job done if needed for protection.  Anyone who came over to visit would get my unadulterated gushing of how much I love this revolver, and of course we would go out to shoot it often.  It did not take long, before 9 of our family and friends are now carrying a mini revolver from North American Arms.

I was recently at a Sportsman’s Expo, and talking to one of the vendors.  We got talking about CCW, and of course I shared my opinion.  He surprised me by pulling the exact revolver I was talking about, out of his pocket.  It is his carry choice also!  Just for the record, he does not sell guns, he is just is as impressed by them as I am.

shooting reviews 202There are many different models to choose from, but the favorite models for me are my original 22 Mag 1 5/8″ Barrel with Holster Grip, and my newest 22 Magnum 1 1/8″ Barrel with Conversion Cylinder.   This one comes with a 22 long rifle conversion cylinder, which makes it very economical to shoot for fun.  I tricked this one out with Simulated Pearl Grip in Burgundy, which looks purple to me, and makes this a very attractive gun to own.  My husband says it is now a women’s gun, and he is right!  There is no reason it can’t look good while it protects.  Both of these have a 5 shot cylinders.

Mother's Day is just around the corner!  Hint, Hint!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Hint, Hint!

All of the North American Arms Mini-Revolvers have a half way notch cylinder that lets the hammer rest securely without fear of being accidentally discharged.

They have an ankle holster that Velcro’s into place, and is surprisingly comfortable.  I have tried other ankle holsters, and they usually bite into your ankle, or chaff your skin.  Worn under blue jeans, this would be completely concealed.

The Holster Grip model has a clip molded right onto the grip, makes it easy to wear clipped to your waistband, belt or even into your western boots.  When closed the Holster Grip covers the trigger completely, so it cannot be shot at all until quickly opened.

shooting reviews 247I also have the .380 ACP with ILS (Integral Locking System) Guardian, although my daughter ends up with this one more often than I do.  It fits her well, and she is extremely accurate with it.  The Guardian 380 ACP model is a very popular concealed carry weapon. It boasts stopping power packed into a small package that fits easily in your purse or pocket.  NAA also carries an Inside the Pant, English Bridle leather holster made just for it.

shooting reviews 210

Leann killing the target with the .380

If you are looking for a CCW, look at North American Arms.  Better yet, shoot one!

shooting reviews 256

The Inside the Pant Holster


Contact your nearest gun shop to buy your mini revolver, or to order one.

380 ACP with ILS Guardian, model NAA-380GUARDS; MSRP $$479.00

22 MAG 1 1/8″ Barrel  with Conversion Cylinder, model NAA-22MSC; MSRP $254.00

22 MAG 1 5/8″ Barrel with Holster Grip, model NAA-22M-HG; MSRP $249.00

Inside the Pant, English Bridle Holster, model HIP-380D; MSRP $41.00

Ankle Holster Rough, model HAR; MSRP $20.00

Simulated Pearl Grip-Burgundy, model GPL-M-PR; MSRP $40.00

Stock Photo Credit:  North American Arms

Photo Credit:  Diane Hassinger