Marlin to Go

16 04 2013

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While fishing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, I was able to hook up with a huge blue marlin.  I was fishing with spinning tackle with 40 pound test line.  It took all of my abilities to keep this giant on the line. All the while it was jumping, twisting and racing away from us.
My husband Dale was manning the controls of the boat, and between his maneuvering and my working the rod, we were managing to gain line on him.
I was being sprayed by the salt water and occasionally a wave would crash over the back of the boat.  Half of the time I was fighting by feel, since my eyes stung so bad from the salt.  Several magnificent jumps were made by the marlin as it came closer to the boat.  I know everyone was shouting both encouragements and directions while I was fighting, but I could only hear the blood pounding in my ears.  After a ferocious fight of 15 minutes or so, water was poured over my reel to keep it from heating up even more.  By this time I was soaked to the skin.  Occasionally the marlin would slow down and I could gain quite a bit of line on him, other times he just made my reel whine as he sped away.
Finally after a very tough 45 minute fight, my marlin was brought alongside the boat for the last time.  He was brought on board, unhooked, a picture quickly taken, and much to my Mexican crews dismay, he was released.  Marlin is very delicious to eat, but this fish was not fought to the point of exhaustion, although I was!  As he was release, a quick flick of his tail sent water cascading over us for a final goodbye.  As he swam away, I could not help but feel a lot of admiration for this fish.  It may sound funny, but I have a lot of respect for animals and fish, and if I am not trying to fill my freezer, I have no desire to kill anything.  Catch and release, and a chance to fight again tomorrow!
This one was estimated to go between 340 and 370 pounds, not my biggest, but one of the most memorable!  I have landed over 65 marlin, which is not to bad for a redneck girl from western Pennsylvania!



Pocket Guides

28 02 2013

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I spent a week deer and hog hunting in Alabama, and due to the non-movement of the deer, I spent a lot of time looking at tracks.  While I have an app on my Iphone that helps identify animal tracks, my phone battery kept dying due to poor signal, and unfortunately this app must be connected to the internet to work.

bobcat in mud

This could have been a problem, but it wasn’t!  I had with me the Pocket Guide to Animals/Tracks.  I had located some tracks that I thought to be cat tracks, and with the simple to use guide, I determined them to be that of a Bobcat.  The book is laser printed on tough, yet flexible, bright white plastic pages and spiral bound so that you can lay the book flat while using the information found inside, perfect for use in the field.  At a small 3 3/8” wide by 4 1/2” tall by ¼” thick, these guides pack a lot of straight forward information into a convenient packable size.  Mine was tucked into my back pack, and didn’t add any bulk or weight to my pack.  I also didn’t have to worry about water damage or the wind blowing the pages closed, which is a bonus when spending time outdoors.

Pocket Guide 010

There are 29 topics immortalized into this handy guides;  Pocket Guide To Fly Fishing, Pocket Guide To Fly Fishing, Pocket Guide To Basic Fly Tying Techniques, Pocket Guide To Fly Casting, Pocket Guide To Fly Fishing the Lakes, Pocket Guide To Dry Fly Fishing, Pocket Guide To Nymph Fishing, Pocket Guide To Fly Fishing For Largemouth Bass, Pocket Guide To Fly Fishing for Steelhead, Pocket Guide To Saltwater Fly Fishing, Pocket Guide To Walleye Fishing In Lakes, Pocket Guide To Lure Fishing For Trout In A Stream, Pocket Guide To The Food Organisms Of Trout & Their Imitation, Pocket Guide to Basic Canoeing, Pocket Guide To Golf, Pocket Guide To Cross Country Skiing, Pocket Guide To Hiking / Backpacking, Pocket Guide To Target/Field Archery, Pocket Guide To Animals / Tracks, Pocket Guide To Field Dressing Game, Pocket Guide To Outdoor Survival, Pocket Guide to Emergency First Aid, Pocket Guide To Outdoor Photography, Pocket Guide To Weather Forecasting, Pocket Guide To Travel, DAN Pocket Guide To First Aid for Scuba Diving, Pocket Guides for Emergency / Safety, Pocket Guide To Safe Babysitting, Pocket Guide To Auto Maintenance & Emergency Repair, Pocket Guide To Emergency Bicycle Repair.  These cover a lot of situations that could possibly arise.


I have picked out a couple more that I plan to add to my “Pocket” library, including the Pocket Guide to Emergency First Aid, which I plan to put in my first aid kit and the DAN Pocket Guide To First Aid for Scuba Diving which will be kept right inside my scuba diving bag.

These guide books are available, among other places, and  They sell for the “easy on the pocket” price of $12.95.

Pocket Guides Publishing, Inc.

2031 San Antonio Place

Santa Rosa, CA 95405-8149

Toll-Free Information:  (866)PGUIDES   or   (866) 748-4337

Photo Credit:  Diane Hassinger,