6 03 2012

Sometimes the pot of gold is right beneath your nose, right at home.

As you may know, my father died 2 weeks ago, followed by the death 1 week ago by the father of my good friend. Life at times is hard, but always worth the effort.

How do people cope with illness and death?  That has been asked of me numerous times in the past few weeks.  You have no choice!  The fact that these people are looking for a way to cope, shows that they will find the way.  I always tell everyone to talk, remember, laugh, cry and most importantly-love.  I am the sort to tackle life head one.  Realize your options and set a course to succeed.  Cope with death as you would cope with life.  The pain you feel now with pass, and with that comes an ability to move on.

Now is a good time to start a project, join a club or a gym, take up a hobby or volunteer, anything that keeps your time and mind busy.  While you are improving your life with these activities, you are also strengthening your ability to deal with crisis’s in your life, you are building personal connections that will help when you need a shoulder to lean on.  Don’t be afraid to lean on someone, your friends will be honored you came to them, and sometimes a stranger will become a valued friend.

Don’t give into the negative, look for wonders and blessings in your life.  Celebrate the life, embrace the future. As always Live the life you love, love the life you live!

Archery League

11 02 2012

Ryan and Sarah shoot too!

Last night I had the privilege to help with the Youth Archery League at our pro shop.  My grandchildren shoot in this league, but this was the first I had seen these kids in action.  I was impressed!  Even Sarah my 9 year old granddaughter had a perfect 5, 5, 5X round.  These kids can shoot!  I wish I had had this type of opportunity as a child, but since I didn’t, I will make sure my grandchildren do!

My happiness was tempered by a disturbing phone call I received while there.  My father had been rushed to the hospital with a suspected stroke.  He later was rushed to a second hospital for the possibility of doing surgery to relieve the blood on the brain.  I took my sister down to the hospital in time to meet with the Neurosurgeon with my mother.  He stated that Daddy is not a candidate for the surgery and he would recommend that we let nature take it’s course. No extraordinary means are to be implemented to keep my father alive, so it is just a matter of time.  He is being taken back to the nursing home where he has spent the last 2 years, where he has friends and the staff loves him.  I give the staff all the credit in the world, they have a thankless job and have to deal with everything that we are unable to.  I appreciate ALL they do to make life livable for the patients.  THANK YOU!

Today was my regular day to shoot in the Technohunt league.  I kept our time to shoot, simply because I needed to relieve stress and shooting my bow had always been an outlet for me.  Today, I was unable to focus, and coupled with technical difficulties, I did not shoot well at all.  I am not making excuses, it happens.  I am still thankful that I can shoot and can still enjoy life.  I am sure I am in for a rough couple of days/weeks.  I have had rough days and weeks before, it is all part of life.  It just drives home the point to LIVE the life you love.  You never know when that ability will be taken from you.

Love your family, spend time making good memories with them, live your life with no regrets.