HME Better Crossbow Hanger and Maxx Hoisting Rope

7 04 2014

hme logo goodI typically hunt archery with my crossbow, due to surgeries. The bulkiness of the crossbows cause me to end up holding it the entire time I am in a tree stand. HME Products has designed a Better Crossbow Hanger that can hold my crossbow and so much more, allowing me more freedom in my stand!

The Better Crossbow Hanger by HME

The Better Crossbow Hanger comes complete with 3 mounting screws, so you can install the screws in 3 various stand locations, and simply move the hanger with you. No more wasting precious time fighting to get the screws installed into the tree the morning of your hunt! The design of the screws, provides an easy handle to screw them into the tree, and easy out also. Due to the higher weights of crossbows, they have flared out the mounting bracket to make it more stable, and beefed up the bolt in the folding arm to 3/8″. The universal hanger is powder coated, and the crossbow hanging fork at the end of the hanger, rotates a full 360 degrees to keep your crossbow at the perfect angle for ease of handling. The whole unit extends to 22 inches, and rated to hold 10 pounds. They have added a backpack accessory hanger, with a carabiner, that located closest to the tree for stability, and 2 small hooks perfect for binoculars, range finders or cameras.

Another great HME product designed to do double duty and make your life easier, is the Maxx Hoisting Rope. OK, so how can a rope make your life easier? This 25′ long pull up rope has a 360 degree reflective sleeve, which can truly be seen from every direction. Using this rope eliminates the need for bright eyes on you tree, but still makes it easy to see your way to the stand on those dark early morning hunts. The Maxx Hoisting Rope comes complete with a coated carabiner for easy and safe hook up of all of your hunting equipment.

Stock Photo: HME Photo: Diane Hassinger

I tied the rope off about 2 foot off of the ground, so that I could see the highly reflective sleeve from my trail. Going in on my last morning of deer hunting, I was able to locate the stand from a far distance, and adjust my path accordingly. I tied off my crossbow using the carabiner and quickly got my equipment set up on the Crossbow Hanger.

With everything I do, I like to nest. Even hunting, I like to be surrounded by my stuff, but where I can access it easily. I like my

Everything has a place on the HME Better Crossbow Hanger. Photo: Diane Hassinger

backpack to be set up the same every time, and I like to have my electronics, calls and rattles all within easy reach. Using this crossbow hanger, I now have a place for everything and everything is in its place! Ok, so maybe I am a bit OCD about this. But it is much easier for me to locate all my equipment if I know right where to look for it. I was able to position the hanger so that there is minimal movement involved picking my equipment up, this minimizes what the deer or bear see when I am hunting.

Packing up proved to be simple too. I didn’t have to fight my equipment while I tried to shove everything back into my pack. It truly was like having an extra set of hands. Once I lowered my crossbow, using the Maxx Hoisting Rope,  I undid the thumbscrew that holds the hanger to the tree and stowed it in my bag also, with the way the hanger folds up, everything fit into the pack with no problems. I opted to leave the mounting screw in the tree for my next visit, and I could also leave the Crossbow Hanger, if I was planning on hunting the same stand soon. I love products that simplify my life rather than complicate it!

To see these and more great items that HME has to offer, go to The MSRP of this Crossbow Hanger unit is $27.99, while the Maxx Hoisting rope is $3.99. Both are available for purchase at many of the sporting goods shops; for a complete listing visit At these prices, I may put one of each in each of my tree stands!

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Go Pink with Victory Archery’s Pink Carbon Arrows

14 12 2013

Everyone has a little pink in them. Either yourself, or someone you love, has most likely dealt with Breast Cancer at some point in their life. Victory Archery has made it easy to shoot a quality arrow or crossbow bolt in pink, while contributing a portion of the proceeds from the sale of all Victory Pink arrows directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, through the Pink Arrow Project. pap_bannerThe Pink Arrow Project is founded by Mary Hale, and is dedicated to Archer’s helping Archers in the battle against cancer.

SaskAdrenaline Bear Hunt 008

2012 Spring Black Bear taken with the Pink X-Bolt from Victory Archery
Photo: Diane Hassinger

The VForce and VAP Pink Carbon Arrows are made with the highest quality carbon composite fibers, available in pink and sporting an unique pink graphics of the Pink Arrow Project, and are all 100% hand fletched with Bohning Archery’s white double-lock Blazer nocks and vanes in hot pink and white. They are available in VAP 350, VAP 400, VAP 450,VAP 500 and VAP 600. The VForce is available in 350, 400, 500 and 600.

pap arrow

The Pink X-Bolt is is the perfect bolt for crossbow users of both sexes. It is made with 100% highest quality carbon fibers available and coupled with brass insert that gives the XBolt Pink an amazing front of center measurement for fantastic dpenetration and accuracy.  Halfmoon and Flat Nocks are available. The Pink X-Bolt also come with a great pink graphic featuring the Pink Arrow Project, and Duravane Vanes.

Bear Hunt Erins 226 (800x533)

2013 Spring Black Bear taken with the Victory Archery Pink X-Bolt
Photo: Diane Hassinger

dianes 200 pound doe

2013 200 pound doe taken with the Pink X-Bolts for the Pink Arrow Project
Photo: Diane Hassinger

For the last 4 years, I have always had a Pink Arrow Project arrow or bolt in my quiver. As a survivor of breast cancer it is a subtle reminder that I am lucky to be able to be here, and even more lucky to be able to continue to hunt. Some of my greatest trophies have been taken using these quality arrows and bolts. I like to have confidence in my equipment, and Victory Archery keeps me confident that my arrows will not let me down.

Since the breast cancer, I use mainly my crossbow to hunt with. I have used the Pink X-Bolt bolts for everything from turkey hunting to bear hunting, and everything in between. The past 2 years I have taken large black bears using my crossbow and the Pink X-Bolts. Both bears were shot in close range, and traveled less then 20 yards before collapsing to the ground. The X-Bolts passed right through the huge chest cavities and lodged in the ground on the other side. Neither bolt showed any type of breakdown of the carbon fibers. In fact the same bolt was used on both bears. Amazingly I used the same bolt one more time this Fall during deer season. I shot my biggest doe yet, at 200 pounds. She was shot at 15 yards, with a pass through, and again I was able to locate my bolt in the undergrowth, partly due to the pink coloration, which makes it easy to find. I am confident I can use this bolt next year on my hunting excursions.

If you are looking for a good quality carbon arrow or bolt, Victory Archery has the right one for you, whether you are hunting or target shooting. The prices make it affordable to put “Pink” into everyone’s quiver; The VAP/VForce pink shafts fletched per dozen are $129.99, VAP/VForce pink shafts fletched 6 pack are $69.99, VAP/VForce pink shafts per dozen are $119.99 and pink Xbolts fletched 6 pack are $44.99.

Victory Archery makes it easy to find a local dealer;  The arrows and bolts are also available at Bass Pro Shops, Dick’s Sporting Goods, HerCamoShop and many other archery retailers.

For more information on the Pink X-Bolts and Pink VAPs go to

For more information on the Pink Arrow Project go to

Photo Credits: Stock Photos from Victory Archery and Pink Arrow Project

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The Best Buddy for a Crossbow; The XBow Buddy Sling

14 12 2013


crossbow buddy

The X-Bow Buddy Sling by H & M Archery
Photo: Cass Creek

If you hunt with a crossbow, you probably love hunting with it, but wish there was an easier way to carry it to the stand or during a spot and stalk situation. X-Bow Buddy Sling by H & M Archery takes care of that problem.

cross bow buddy sling

The X-Bow Buddy Sling installed on a TenPoint Crossbow Photo: Diane Hassinger

The X-Bow Buddy Sling allows you to hold your bow in the ready position rather than on your back. The unique design works whether you are walking, standing or even sitting in a stand or blind. This enables you to use your hands freely, while doing away with any fear of your crossbow falling. The weight of the crossbow is also transferred to your shoulder rather than your arms, leaving your arms fresh when the shot opportunity comes.

The X-Bow Buddy Sling has a tubular fiberglass rod covered in nylon webbing strap that is attached to a metal rod installed on a bracket on the foot stirrup. The strap is elevated above the front of your crossbow high enough for it to clear the scope, and conveniently stays out-of-the-way of your shot. The assembly is very simple, you just need a wrench to tighten 4 nuts, adjust the strap to your shoulder and you are ready to go. The strap is removable for storage and travel in a case by loosening one knurled nut. The entire unit easily converts to a conventional over the back strap. The sling fits most crossbows on the market including TenPoint, Horton, Excalibur, Barnett, Parker, and Darton.

dianes 200 pound doe

The X-Bow Buddy kept my crossbow at the ready when this 200 pound doe came in.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

I have been using the X-Cross Bow Buddy Sling throughout the archery seasons in various states this year. During my Spring black bear hunt, I spent 4 days riding on the back of an ATV in and out of the timber. The sling made it easy to keep my crossbow safe, while being able to hang onto the quad. In the tree stands, I was able to sit comfortably with my crossbow cradled by the sling, leaving me free to film and take pictures of the many bear antics I witnessed. Traversing the hilly terrain to my deer stands was effortless, I was able to manage the crossbow and still have my hands free to use my flashlight and carry my other equipment.

The X-Bow Buddy Sling can be purchased at, various online retailers and in some sporting goods stores. For a low MSRP price of $39.99, you will wonder why you didn’t have one on your crossbow sooner! I personally hope to be stalking hogs soon using my crossbow and X-Bow Buddy.

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TenPoint Stealth SS Crossbow

14 12 2013

TenPointCrossbows logoDue to cancer surgery 4 years ago, I am unable to hunt with my compound bow. That necessitated in my purchase of my original TenPoint Crossbow. They have, since that time, taken a great crossbow and made it even better!

stealth ss imageTenPoint recently came out with their new Stealth SS which is their shortest and most compact crossbow to date. It uses TenPoint’s XLT bow assembly and their new FSB stock to come in with an amazing crossbow that weighs only 6.8 pounds. Anyone who has used an older TenPoint  will appreciate the ACUdraw cocking mechanism handle that now has a home incorporated into the stock, no more leaving your truck without it. The ACUdraw also helps make quick work of cocking even though the draw weight is 185 pounds.

They also have improved safety measures including a finger guard, and they made the bow lighter, quieter; all in all an efficient weapon. The TenPoint’s 3x Power Pro-View 2 Scope is easy to sight in, and stays accurate. The short axle to axle length makes this crossbow ideal for blinds and tree stands, any place that has a confined area. The kinetic energy is right around 100 foot lbs, depending on your arrow and broadhead selection. Couple all these factors with the complete line of accessories, and you get a crossbow to fit all your needs.

Bear Hunt Erins 227

7 foot black bear taken in Saskatchewan with the new TenPoint Stealth SS
Photo: Diane Hassinger

I used the TenPoint Stealth SS on a recent black bear hunt in Saskatchewan. The night I harvested my 7 foot black bear, the hunting conditions for both the crossbow and for black bear were much less than ideal. We had a storm roll in right as we were leaving camp. The winds were fierce and the rain was coming down hard. My bear crossed within 10 yards of my tree stand, and I pulled the trigger on my Stealth. The bolt shot straight and true, passing through his huge chest and lodging in the dirt on the other side. I watched as he bit at his side, and only made it 15 yards before crashing in the undergrowth.

Florida 006

Diane’s 11′ alligator taken with the Tenpoint Stealth SS Crossbow.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

I also used the TenPoint Stealth SS on a recent alligator hunt in Florida. I had equipped the crossbow with an AMS Big Game Retriever Reel. Once a large gator had been located I placed a great shot from the Stealth SS using the Muzzy Gator Getter points. It took all 3 of us on board to load the gator into the boat. TenPoint had just helped me harvest a fantastic 11′ gator that weighed 450 pounds!

If you are looking for a crossbow, the TenPoint Stealth SS is a great investment. It boasts a MSRP of $1,219; which includes the TenPoint 3x Pro-View 2 Scope mounted on a 7/8-inch fixed dovetail mount, the ACUdraw cocking mechanism, Instant Detach 3 arrow quiver and ambidextrous quiver bracket, 3 Pro Elite carbon arrows with field tips, and an Instructional DVD. You can purchase the TenPoint Stealth SS at or find a local dealer through the same link. 

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Swhacker 100 Grain Crossbow Broadheads

10 10 2013


I have been using Swhacker Broadheads for the past several years. I have built up a tremendous confidence in their products, so when they came out with their new Swhacker Crossbow Broadheads it was a natural transition to start using them. The 100 grain expandable broadhead incorporates two razor sharp .032″ thick stainless steel blades that measure 1 inch in flight and 2 inches after penetration–a lethal combination for any game animal I have plans to hunt. The broadheads themselves are tough, but in the event that you bend a blade or damage them otherwise during your hunts, all replacement parts to rebuild them are available for purchase.

Spring Turkey 003

Sarah with her Gobbler taken with Tenpoint Crossbow and Swhacker Crossbow Broadheads
Photo Credit: Diane Hassinger

Sarah, my 10-year old granddaughter, used my crossbow and the Swhacker Crossbow Broadheads during the Spring Turkey Season. Sarah dropped her Gobbler on the spot with the Swhackers. This was the second gobbler with Swhackers; her first with the Swhacker Crossbow Broadheads.

Spring Turkey 017

Spring Gobbler taken with the Tenpoint Crossbow and Swhacker Crossbow Broadheads
Photo Credit: Diane Hassinger

This June, I used the Swhacker Crossbow broadheads on my Saskatchewan Black Bear hunt in combination with my Tenpoint Stealth SS Crossbow. These broadheads truly fly like a field tip. The main blades are designed to open only after the high carbon steel point and wing blades have penetrated through the hide and ribs; therefore, leaving a fresh set of blades to cut their way through the vitals for an exit would that is unbelievably large.

I was hunting in poor conditions for both bear and archery. The winds were blowing hard and rain was falling fast.  My bear crossed to within 10 yards of my treestand when I let my Swhacker fly!  The broadhead performed flawlessly!  My bolt passed right through the chest cavity and lodged in the dirt on the other side.

The 7′ black bear traveled a mere 15 yards before crashing to the ground.  Even if I had not seen the bear go down, anyone–yes, I mean anyone–could have followed the blood trail.  The blood trail looked as if you painted it with red spray paint. The exit wound was a 2″ long slice.

Bear Hunt Erins 227

7′ Saskatchewan Black Bear taken with my Tenpoint Crossbow and Swhacker Crossbow Broadheads
Photo Credit: Diane Hassinger

The Swhacker Crossbow broadheads have a MSRP of $34.99 for a set of 3 broadheads. You can find this product at most sporting goods retailers and they will soon be available on the Swhacker website at In my opinion, with my experience using this product, they are well worth the money.

Swhacker Logo is the sole property of it’s rightful owner and used within this writing solely for the promotion of products herein as requested by the product’s manufacturer.



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Victory Archery Pink Arrow Project Contest-Or “How I lost the contest, but won the battle!”

1 11 2012

In the beginning of October 2012 I entered a contest on the Victory Archery Face Book Page for the Pink Arrow Project. To enter you needed to enter an essay that described what Archery meant to you. It was a 2 part contest, with the top 5 essays going to the second round. I hate popularity contests, but this one I had to enter.  I won the first round completely with 200 votes and a lot of inspirational comments! The second round I started out strong, being over 100 votes ahead of any of the competition. In the last couple of days I fell behind, but only in votes! There are so many people that took time to vote and comment, that I feel blessed. The contest has a few hours left, and I have 322 votes, I am still trailing, but I do not feel like I am losing at all!!  I realize I have lost the contest, but no one can ever convince me that I am anything other than a winner!  Even more important than the contest, was the ability to educate people on what can be accomplished after cancer. These comments touched me so much, that I felt the need to add them to the Because We Care page, because they do!

(Because We Care was a facebook group created to connect me and my triumphs in my battle with cancer with my friends and family.  It was a great source of comfort and encouragement to me.)

My Saskatchewan Black Bear

Archery is therapy to me! I had a bilateral mastectomy 3 years ago, due to breast cancer. I had been an avid bow hunter up to that point, and suddenly it was taken away from me. That was probably the worst part of my recovery, was not being able to shoot my bow. I have been building back muscle that had been destroyed in the surgery, but it has been a slower process then I expected. My Doctors on

the other hand think it is phenomenal what I an accomplishing. This past spring I took this fantastic black bear in Saskatchewan, using my Tenpoint crossbow. I was thrilled to be able to archery hunt, even if it isn’t my compound bow. I am still working daily to get back in form with my bow, but until that time comes, I will be doing my therapy with my crossbow.

  • Phil Cogley congratulations on the bear and beating cancer
    Eve Sunny Love thisMatt Maurice Sr. Awesome Bear and Congrats on Both accomplishmentsSteve Radle Good luck!
  • Diane Baxter Hassinger Thanks, every time I am able to hunt (and even better-harvest!) I am thankful for my victory over the breast cancer. These are real trophies in my world!
    Alwyn Torquil Francis Ladell The crossbow is a sensible stopgap, until you can get back to your compound, and this bear proves it. Best wishes from another cancer survivor (1983/4 and 1995), keep up the good work.
  • Diane Baxter Hassinger Thanks Alwyn! and Congrats on your winning in your battle with cancer!Ladies in Camo You are the BEST and Ladies in Camo is SO PROUD OF YOU!! Good luck!!
  • Diane Baxter Hassinger Thanks that means a lot to me!
    Rachel Butler Brock Way to go!!
  • Tina Knopp Good Luck to you Diane and best of luck in all that you do!
    Tammy Ziems Very Pround Of You Diane Keep the Faith
  • Ashleigh Moore Ashford Way to kick both their butts!!!
    Betty Storman Diane, you are a fighter and a survivor…I hope you win this contest as well!!
  • Gus De Los Monteros You’ve got my vote. Was great getting to share camp with you. Best of luck to you.
    Neil Green Fine bear!!!
  • Michelle Harmes Diane you are awesome!
    Tammie Knopp Good Luck Diane! Diane you are outstanding!!!
  • Paul Blosat never give up is always a good way to live
    Teresa Dyke McCullough Good luck girl..
  • Rebekah Rhodes Diane you are an inspiration! Not just to women hunters but to women AND men in general to keep fighting. A good friend told me last week, “Quitting is not an option!” Thank you for being who you are.
    LeighAnne Phillips I agree with Rebekah, you are truly an inspiration… Keep it Sassy my friend❤
  • Gretchen Steele Diane – I know exactly how you feel.. my bilateral mastectomy was 12 years ago, and it takes time. I started off with lighter draw weight recurves, and although they weren’t enough of a draw weight to hunt with I could bowfish – it’s still archery and and is great fun. Crossbow too.. Keep up the great work! It may be a slow process but it is worth it in the end! I recently did an article about archery after mastectomy – I will make sure you get a link when it is published (should be on the 10th this month)
    Debbie Le Gette That’s awesome Diane! I’m proud of you! Keep at it!! ❤❤
  • Gretchen Hill God Bless you!!!!
    Diane Baxter Hassinger Gretchen please send me the link to your article. I would love to read it! While I personally know some women who have had breast cancer, they are not hunters, and don’t have any insight for me on what to expect. I have scoured the internet, but there isn’t a whole lot out there. I have been writing my own book, so to speak, just pushing myself hard to get back what has been lost. My Doctors are great, but clueless as to when I can expect to be able to do the things I love. I have been a test patient for then in this regard. They have a few answers for the next hunter they treat. I had never bowfished until a year ago, I had a blast, but was terrible at it. The crossbow has been a God send!
  • Carol Robertson Congratulations! You’re an inspiration.
    Lisa Rickenbrode Stroup Wow Diane…I never knew. This is very impressive and encouraging for women who are going through this battle. Kudos to you and I wish you continued good health through your journey. Prayers and blessings for you.
  • Diane Baxter Hassinger Thanks Lisa, I have tried to keep my fight with breast cancer as just a speed bump in the road of life. It slowed me down for a bit, but I am in the passing lane now!
    Mike Grundmann Good luck diane
  • Peggy Garuccio Fantastic! you go, girl. we’re rooting for you!
    Faith Sammons Turner Fighter….WINNER
  • Lisa Rickenbrode Stroup Diane, I haven’t had to deal with anything like that just yet and I admire your outlook. With the statistics being what they are, I’m just holding my breath. You are a strong girl and having a support system is so important. Again, KUDOS to you for continuing to enjoy your life and move forward.
    Carol Nevenhoven Diane, you are one amazing lady…What an inspiration you are to all of us! We should all aspire to be as strong and resilient as you are in the face of life’s struggles. God bless!
  • Dayna Casiglio Martin You rock, Diane!
    Leann Blasko Thank you everyone who voted if you didn’t see yet my mom made it on to round two of voting, she needs some help so if you wouldn’t mind going over to the final round of voting and like her picture again I would appreciate it.
  • Pink Arrow Project Prize Pack contest-2nd Round
  • Pink Arrow Project. Please vote for your favorite by clicking like for their photo!! Good luck!! and thank you for your support!!!By: Victory Archery
  • Teresa Dyke McCullough Good luck!!
    Brenda Faye Watson
  • Alexus Cee good luck I’ll share for you.Alwyn Torquil Francis Ladell Diane, you are doing brilliantly. You are doing everything right.Terry Warvel Good luck!
  • Rodney Allebach Good luck!Heather’Andy Jarvimaki’Howard My mom had a bilateral mastectomy…I vote for you! So glad to hear that you are able to hunt and pray you will soon be able to draw your compound! ..good luck and god bless!Anita Geib Keep on rocking!Walter Blizzard Congrats and I wish you a full recovery,Archery is special feeling when hunting and it will definitly let you know how many muscle you use so I know it will take a little time to get those muscles back in shape but stay focussed and I think you will make it there.Bobbie Carpenter Good luck…your family is supporting you all the way!!
  • Richard Siedschlag nice bear , great pic
    Kelly Amon You rock Diane – Your an inspiration to others! God bless!
  • Teresa Miller Wilkie great photo
    Scott Wells Way to go I know I haven’t been thru what u have but I have had 2shoulder surgeries and a bicep tear repair all on same arm and thank god for crossbows
  • David Dean Rachels Sr GOOD LUCK LADY!Lisa Shackelford Clerkin Best Wishes for you and God Bless
  • Susan Davis You my friend are definately an inspiration to us all. God Bless oh and nice
  • Gretchen Hill AMAZING story God Bless you !!!!
    Josie Stienbarger That is so awesome!!! U are doing amazing and u r an inspiration to all of us women best of luck on your continued recovery!! Keep on hunting!!! :/)
  • Mary Ann Hostetler Good luck and what a great photo!!
  • Morgan Yobst Yeah Aunt Diane
  • Dave Hotaling MY Grandmother had half done this last Febuary. So I know how hard it must be. I love archery hunting and though work has kept me from woods I hoping soon I can get a new bow. My old Jennings is from the 60’s I think my Grandpa used it for years. Your a Great Inspiration to others stay focused on what you want and you will be rewarded.
  • Nancy Jo Adams So proud of you and grateful our paths have crossed. You are an inspiration…and a cool friend.
  • JoAnn Herbert You rock!
  • Karrie Dollar Herschberger all i shoot are my pink victory arrows…YOU ROCK
  • Coach to Camo Awesome!!!
  • Bonnie Jones what a bear!!!!!
  • Diane Baxter Hassinger I am tied with Teri for first place, with still 2 days to go. Thanks everyone!
  • Cathy Sayle Wow!! Great story and wishing you continued progress!!
  • Joy L Doyle your quite the inspiration young lady!!!
  • Jessica Jolene Barlow Very Inspiring.
  • Dale Lamb I can’t help but admire and respect anyone like this. She knew what she enjoyed and has been dilligent in her attempt to recover it. Nuttin but love and respect to you.
  • Donald Yoho nice Bear
    • These comments below were posted to my blog:
    • Teresa Dyke McCullough Your a winner in my book, I think your story was the best!!!!
    • Lisa Rickenbrode Stroup As you said Diane, you are still a winner because you are here. Congrats on that and staying healthy. Your zeal for life is amazing.
    • Nancy Jo Adams A winner, an inspiration and a hero and I feel truly blessed that our paths have crossed and I mean that with all my heart!
    • Pam Devore Diane, you are a winner and we dont need a contest to prove that for we know this to be true<3
    • Alwyn Torquil Francis Ladell Remain the winner, regardless of which accolades are or are not bestowed. You had my vote.
    • Lydia Galina · Friends with Sue Tabor and 3 others  Very touched. Thank you for sharing.

    These Comments below were from other people who took the time to share my entry with their friends:

    October 2

    Ladies in Camo SO PROUD of Ladies in Camo’s own Diane Hassinger!! Diane is entered into the Victory Archery Pink Arrow Project Contest. But this isn’t just ANY ENTRY…Diane is not only a wife, a mom, a grandmother, a mentor, a huntress…..oh no, this entry is from a SURVIVOR!! Diane was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a bilateral mastectomy just 3 years ago. She has been on the road to recovery with one goal in mind…SHOOTING & HUNTING WITH HER COMPOUND BOW AGAIN. She has been a superstar, a hero, and I am proud to say MY FRIEND!! Ladies in Camo is so grateful to have such an amazing lady among us…what an inspiration!! Please take minute to go to the Victory Archery Page and vote for Diane Hassinger..You can’t miss her, she is the one with the HUGE black bear she recently harvested in Canada. GOOD LUCK, DIANE…No matter what, YOU ARE A WINNER!!

    Michelle Whitney Bodenheimer shared Victory Archery’s photo.


    Please vote for this inspirational huntress by clicking on the photo and hitting “like”. Diane Baxter Hassinger is an amazing woman, cancer survivor, and advocate for the great outdoors!

Eagle Lakes Outfitters Ladies Archery Deer Hunt

21 04 2012

Last October I had the privilege of joining Vicki Cianciarulo of tv’s The Choice, and her posse, at Eagle Lakes Outfitters in Pike County, Illinois. She was trying to film footage for her show, so we had camera crews going out with hunters to the fields, and filming our everyday activities too. Andrea Main, Teresa McCullough, Jillian Donabauer and my daughter Shannon also were included in this hunt. This was the first archery hunt I had been on since my mastectomy, and I was using a Ten Point crossbow with my handicap designation. It galled me to have to have a handicap license, but I was still unable to pull a compound bow at any weight.
My guide, Jim Halliday was wonderful. I connected instantly with him, and we had a great time together throughout the week. Everyone was seeing lots of does, and several small bucks, but nothing shootable. After 2 days and nothing happening, I had a really nice buck working his way into my area. I also had a group of does feeding 15 yards from my tree stand. Just as the buck was getting close enough to consider taking a shot, I had a doe snort and stomp her foot. There went my buck-gone! I turned to the doe and released my arrow. She ran up the small hill, and collapsed right in the middle of the lane. I texted Jim that I had shot a doe, to which he asked “is she dead”, I replied most definitely! He said this was the easiest tracking and dragging of a deer he had ever done! He was able to pull his truck right up to her.
With the ice broken, hunters started to fill their tags. One of Vicki’s posse shot a doe, her first. Then a girl from Ameristep shot a doe right before dark. It was decided to back out and come back in the morning. Unfortunately by the time the sun came up, the coyotes had eaten most of the doe.
For lunch one day the entire group went to a local Mexican Restaurant, Vicki’s treat. We had a great time, and great food. It is strange to be eating with video cameras filming you.
We had high winds the one day, with some of the hunters opting to stay in camp. I was put in a clamp on 20 foot high. After rocking and rolling for hours, I was afraid the only way I was going to hit a deer was to throw up on them. This is the only time I have gotten sea sick in a tree!
The last evening I had the buck from earlier in the week come back to my stand. I watched him make his way across the crp field. When he was at 30 yards, I took a broadside shot. He took off toward the top of the hill, veering to the left. I was hoping he would be piled up in the lane like my doe, but it was not to be. We looked that evening, but could not locate his trail. The next morning we tried again, but never did find him. Because we were walking through the woods and fields, Shannon had been placed in a nearby stand to take advantage of any deer pushed in that direction. It worked! She had a nice big doe come into her stand. She connected with her shot, but broke the front shoulder with the shot. She put a second arrow into the doe and was waiting for us with her doe when we got there.
Three doe were taken during this week and recovered. One doe was lost to coyotes, and my buck not recovered. Lots of wonderful memories were made, and lasting friendships started.