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15 11 2015
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badlands kaliBinoculars, a range finder, a knife, trail tape, toilet paper, a water bottle, snacks, my hunting license, my video camera and more, these are some of the items I take with me into the woods hunting for the day. As much as I would like to just carry my weapon in with me, I seem to take much, much more. When I find a backpack that fits not only my needs, but my stuff, I hang onto it for a very long time. I just retired my old backpack, due to old age, but luckily I found the Badlands Kali fits my needs, wants, and the quality to be with me for a long time!
The Badlands Kali backpack gets its name from Kali, the Goddess of Hunting. They designed this pack with the physiological differences between men and women, including: shorter torso, more contoured shoulder straps, angled waist belt to fit the natural curvature of a women’s hips, and positioning the center of gravity better to fit the female physique. They have also added a Hypervent suspension, a pocket and access for a 101 ounce hydration pack, and many pockets to fill with all of those needed and wanted supplies. The Hypervent suspension incorporates an open frame system to create an “Open Air Space” O.A.S. which helps reduce perspiration and help keep you scent-free. The pack measures 22″X14″X8″ and has a heat-treated steel frame. Two camo patterns
badlands women series are available on the KXO fabric: Realtree Xtra and Realtree Max 1. The pack weighs in at 2 pounds 12 ounces, and sports 2500 cubic inches of space with lots of pockets for plenty of room to fill up with your belongings. Lastly, the pack has the ability to carry your bow/gun/crossbow. With only two small accents in pink, the Kali reminds you that it belongs to the Women’s Series, but in a subtle manner.
Heading out for my hunt, my Kali is packed! Photo: Diane Hassinger

Heading out for my hunt; my Kali is packed!
Photo: Diane Hassinger

Everything has a home in the Kali backpack! Photo: Diane Hassinger

Everything has a home in the Kali backpack!
Photo: Diane Hassinger

On a recent hunt, I had my inaugural trip with my Kali. On the waist strap are two zippered pockets, perfect for those small items that need to be accessed easily: flashlight, tree strap, knife and Thermacell refills. These pockets have a mesh bottom, so do not put anything in them that needs to stay dry. The main compartment is where you will find the pocket for the hydration pack as well as three other mesh pockets. I kept my rain gear in here, as well as my video camera. The front zippered pocket contains two zippered mesh pockets and an open mesh pocket. I loved the zippered mesh pockets for keeping my tags and license in. A quick glance was all that was needed to make sure I had them with me. There are also numerous places to attach a carabiner and there are two pouches for water bottles. I was able to find a new “home” for everything I take with me. Hiking into my stand, I used the gun boot to carry my camera tree arm. Everything was easily accessible and that in itself helps make my hunts enjoyable. I really liked that the pack could either be self standing or hang on my stand. Most of the time I hang everything, but when I am hunting from blinds, I don’t like the backpacks laying on the ground, drawing moisture, not a problem with the Kali. The pack fit my body well, and was comfortable to wear, even with the gun in the boot. I found that the design of the Kali shifted some of the weight off of my shoulders and onto my hips, thus keeping me from tiring as easy. The weather was hot and wet, but with the Open Air Space created by the Hypervent, I never had sweat building up on my back. All in all, the Kali will be my pack of choice for a very long time!

For more information on the Kali backpack, go to The MSRP is $159.99 and is available for purchase at the same website. The warranty they offer is “We don’t care what happened, or whose fault it was, we will fix it for free forever. “¹ It’s hard to beat a warranty like that! See their entire warranty at
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