Archer’s Hard Surface Practice Hanger

7 04 2014

hme-products-logohme archers har surface practice hangerMaking good ethical shots when hunting is very important to everyone in my family. Therefore, we practice shooting year round. During the winter it is difficult enough to go outside to shoot our bows, without having to fight the snow when we lay them down. HME Products has a great solution for that problem. They make the Archer’s Hard Surface Practice Hanger.

Assembly of the Practice Hanger takes only minutes and requires only a tool to tighten a 16 nuts and bolts; I used a ratchet driver with a 11 mm socket for this. The entire hanger is durably powder coated in an olive color and made to last. With a hanger on each side, you can easily hang 2 bows and hold 12 arrows.

The arrows are held in rings, that are easily adjusted for height, using a thumb screw; in the photos for this review I simply pushed the rings out-of-the-way since I did not use them. The bow hanger itself is adjustable to accommodate everything from the older, longer bows to today’s more compact compound bows.

I put this together in my house, the assembly was not difficult, but as with any project, read the entire directions before you start. Long before it ever made it outside, it was holding bows. As I moved it outside into the snow, I was slightly worried about it not being stable on the frozen ground. Happily, I can say there was no problem.

The Practice Hanger remained stable, even in 3 inches of snow, with 2 different size bows.Photo: Diane Hassinger

With the raised leg design, the hanger was very stable on the uneven surface. Normally, when we shoot, the bows are laid flat on the ground. Obviously this is not a good choice. Many times I have had to remove leaves or twigs from the cams, or clean my sight from the dust and dirt. This Practice Hanger made our shooting more enjoyable, the bows were ready to go when we were. With two of us shooting, the hanger was holding one or two bows at all times, it remained stable even when the weight was all on one side. I even was able to hang my range finder on this stand, keeping it close at hand but completely out-of-the-way.

I tried this hanger out with my crossbow too. Anyone who has ever shot a crossbow, knows they weigh considerably more than a compound bow. Even with my crossbow on one side, and my compound on the other, the Practice Hanger stayed stable. That fact alone makes this hanger so much more versatile.

My crossbow fits perfectly on this hanger also! Photo: Diane Hassinger

When done shooting, the Practice Hanger once again took up residence in my home, holding a couple of our bows till we are ready to shoot again. I loved the ability to go from indoor to outdoor, and back again, without any modifications. Now I just need enough of these hangers to hold all of our bows!

The MSRP of this unit is $34.99 and is available for purchase at many of the larger, well-known sporting goods shops and at


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