Arctic Radwear by Radians

15 11 2015


Everyone is affected by the heat at some point. On a recent trip to the Florida Keys, heat stroke was a real possibility. The new Arctic Radwear by Radians helped keep that possibility at bay.

The Radians Arctic Radwear Cooling Towel, Headshade, and Headband are made with Advanced ARCTIC™ Technology. This technology speeds the evaporation cooling process.  Using is simple: soak the band in water for 2 – 3 minutes and shake. This will provide cooling relief for up to five hours.  The patent pending stretch-fit spandex is designed to allow the band to move with your body. This provides a comfortable fit and allows for optimum blood circulation to help keep you cooler. All of the Arctic Radwear products are to be used during hot or strenuous outdoor activities: construction work, tough workouts, hunting, fishing, biking or hiking. The towel and the cooling pads on the Headband and Headshade are anti-microbial to prevent mold growth and unwanted smells. They are safe to use and reusable. The Headbands and Headshade come in several colors to coordinate with your clothing or activities. The Headband comes in Blue, Blue Paisley, Red Paisley, Camo, and High Visibility Lime. The Headshade comes in Blue, Blue Paisley, Red Paisley, and Camo. The Cooling Towel comes in Blue and High Visibility Lime.

The Radian's Arctic Radwear line includes the Cooling Towel, Headband and Headshade. Photo: Radians

The Radian’s Arctic Radwear line includes the Cooling Towel, Headband and Headshade.
Photo: Radians

My husband and I were down working on our boat and our friend’s home. Part of the time, we were replacing concrete block that had been damaged. As Dale proceeded to start laying the block, the sweat was already pouring off of his head. I quickly activated the Headband with water and had Dale start wearing it. It was easily noticeable that Dale no longer had sweat running into his eyes, and when I inquired about how hot he was, he replied “feeling good” with a smile. Later in the same trip, we were fishing out on the ocean, with no shade. I was wearing the Headshade, and at no point was I ever overheated. I also kept the Cooling Towel wet, and everyone was using it to wipe down their faces and even place it around their necks to increase the cooling effect. We were out on the water for four hours, and both the Headshade and Cooling Towel stayed cool to the touch the entire time! I also made use of the Arctic Radwear while we biked and walked the many hiking trails.

The Radian's Arctic Radwear Headshade was a huge aid while fishing in the extreme heat. Photo: Diane Hassinger

The Radian’s Arctic Radwear Headshade was a huge aid while fishing in the extreme heat.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

It seemed the more I used them, the more ways to use them I came up with. I will be taking them with me this summer when we go camping. I usually get uncomfortable from the hot summer weather, and not having any way to cool down our tent makes sleeping difficult. I think the Cooling Towel, either under my head, or on my torso will provide me with enough cooling effect that I can get a good nights sleep.

The MSRP of the Radian’s Arctic Radwear are: Cooling Towel $12.99, Headband $6.99 and the Headshade $12.99. These items can be purchased at most sporting goods shops and on Amazon. For more information on these and other great products go to Click the video below for more information on the cooling products offered by Radians.

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