Harmon Scents by Cass Creek makes Sense

14 12 2013
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Triple Heat Scent Stick, Female in Heat Spray and Death Mist
Photo: Diane Hassinger

Everyone knows that a deer’s sense of smell is much more fine tuned than ours.  Trying to trick that sensitive nose is sometimes a recipe for disaster, but not this year. As whitetail deer season rolled around with everyone is trying to figure out what lure scents and cover scents would work the best for them, I chose Harmon Scents by Cass Creek. Cass Creek makes a complete line of products designed to help you bring in your buck.

In the Harmon Triple Heat line, I used the Female in Heat spray, Death Mist and Scent Stick. All of these scents use a combination of the estrus urine of several does to create a natural and alluring blending of the scents to tempt any nearby bucks. The Female in Heat spray comes in a 2 ounce spray bottle. I used it to spray onto the ground, brush, leaves, on a wick and on a drag.  The scent is derived from at least 3 different does in estrus; sure to make your big buck think he is hot on the trail. The MSRP of the Female in Heat spray is $9.99.

Death Mist is an aerosol spray can containing 6 ounces of the strongest combination of the urine of at least 3 does in estrus. This can be utilized by spraying brush, grass, scrapes and even into the air. Just watch that you spray the mist downwind from you, this is very important! It suffices to say that the wind wrecked havoc with me one day, swirling and turning, causing the mist to swirl right back onto me. I can attest that this tastes terrible to a human, but really turns on the bucks!

Also if you happen to get the mist on your cell phone, use a hunting scent eliminator and baking soda to remove the smell, or you will get some strange looks in public; I found out the hard way. Keep this and all scents away from children, they are not made to be ingested, and keep away from your eyes. Although, I suffered no long term effects from my accidental exposure, just really terrible breath and needing a shower bad when I got home. The Death Mist comes in a 3 pack with a MSRP of $20.

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One of several buck that were attracted to the Triple Heat in Pennsylvania
Photo: Diane Hassinger

The Triple Heat Scent Stick is also the combination of the urine of at least 3 does in estrus. This product will not leak or spill. You can apply it by rubbing onto limbs or rocks or you can shave small sections onto a trail.  The MSRP of the Triple Heat Scent Stick is $11.99 and is a great value because it does not dissipate as quickly as liquids and of course, you will not have issues with wind swirls. I used the Triple Heat Stick on several trees and logs. Since the product leaves a milky looking waxy stripe on them, I was able to use this to help mark my yardage; a really nice unintended benefit.

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Jennifer used Triple Heat Female in Heat and Death Mist to help her tag her first buck during archery season.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

The first week that I used these attractants in Pennsylvania, I had over 1200 pictures on one game camera alone. Generally, I have only does and young bucks showing up at that time of year; this time I had several bucks. Those bucks have stayed in the area since early October. I am also getting some transient bucks who are making their way to check out the Triple Heat.

dianes 200 pound doe

This 200 pound doe had to stop and sniff at the Death Mist
Photo: Diane Hassinger

Ladies in Camo hosted an archery rut hunt in Illinois and Harmon Scents were passed out to the hunters who attended.  Every one saw trophy bucks and by the end of the hunt 3 hunters had harvested 2 bucks and a huge doe over the scents. The doe was walking out on a trail to the feeding area when she stopped to sniff the Triple Heat Death Mist to figure out her competition. That was all of the opportunity I needed! Because of the Death Mist, I have a 200 pound doe to put into the freezer! One huntress had never shot a buck before. When he stopped to check out the Harmon Scent doe urine, the huntress was able to harvest her first antlered deer.

Deer hunting illinois 042

9 point buck that just had to investigate the Triple Heat!
Photo: Diane Hassinger

Recently I was hunting the Illinois 2nd firearm season, and had several buck come into my wicks coated with Triple Heat. Finally as the season was winding down, I had a nice wide 9 point “stop and smell the roses” or rather the Triple Heat! He had positioned himself broadside to me, and stayed that way for several minutes!  A well placed shot from my slug gun, and this buck will help feed my family all winter long. The scents kept his attention to give me a few minutes to determine his size, and place my shot.

I still have several weeks of hunting left before our season ends, you can be sure Harmon’s Triple Heat will be going with me! The cost is reasonable and it produces!

You can purchase all of the Harmon line of scents at http://www.casscreek.com/Harmon-Scents, and at many sporting goods shops located around the country.

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Cass Creek Nomad Wild Boar Electronic Game Call

7 03 2013

This product review originally published on http://ladiesincamo.com/licpr/2013/03/06/cass-creek-nomad-wild-boar-electronic-game-calldiane/

Cass Creek Outdoors makes one of the few wild boar calls I have been able to find.  Their Nomad Wild Boar Call with Moving Sound Remote gives you a wide selection of hog calls designed to help you bring home the bacon!!

cass creek hog callI

was hunting hogs in Alabama, and had a lot of opportunity to try out this unique call.  We set the receiver up near our position.  There are no wires, and the receiver is very light to carry into the fields. I attached a lanyard to the remote so I would not have to search for it, while the speaker/receiver can be clipped onto your pack or belt.  For this hunt, I attached the receiver to a young sapling about 20 yards from our shooting house.  There is a swamp immediately behind, and woods on all sides, a green field is also nearby, an ideal set up to start with!

turkey hunt 004

We started calling just after lunch, and it didn’t take long before we were seeing results.  The various series of calls sound very realistic, and the volume control adjusted in a clear concise sound. I played with the volume control to make it sound like the pigs were moving away from the area, and then in reverse of that to make it appear they were coming closer.  Many other times I had wild hogs grunting or squealing in response just following my playing one of the calls.  I was also able to utilize this call when I was stalking hogs.  I clipped it right onto my binocular strap, and played the calls periodically while I was walking, using it as you would a hand held call. There is also the ability to set up 3 receivers with one Transmitter Remote Control.  This makes it possible to not only direct the hogs into a better position or make it sound like it is true moving sound.

There are 5 distinct series of calls programmed into the receiver;

  1.  Feeding Frenzy – Excited grunts and squeals as hogs greedily compete to feed.
  2. Contented Feeding – Sounds of feeding hogs at newly located food source which draws others to join.
  3. Social Grunts – individual hogs communicate greetings within the herd.
  4. Fighting Boar – Aggressive rival males battling for herd dominance.
  5. Feeding Piglets – Confident sow grunts and feeding piglets signal safety, luring in hogs from dense cover.

My favorite combination was the Social Grunts with the Contented Feeding.  I have been in situations where the wild hogs that I was near, used grunts and squeals that sounded very similar to this.  I also used the Feeding Piglets as a stand alone call, since I have witnessed the larger hogs eating in relative quiet, while the young piglets are making lots of, well, pig noises!

I will be using my Nomad Wild Boar Call on many hunts coming up, and I will keep you updated on my results!

The Nomad Wild Boar Call is available for purchase at Amazon.com, Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas, various other sporting goods shops or at www.casscreek.com. The MSRP is $79.99. They also offer these calls in Predator, and Moose.

Stock Photo Credit:  Cass Creek

Photo Credit:  Diane Hassinger