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3 01 2017


Photo: Seek Thermal

Photo: Seek Thermal

One of the coolest products I have had the privilege to review is the Reveal XR by Seek Thermal! This durable thermal camera is designed to aid the hunting community, but it can do so much more!

Photo: Seek Thermal

Photo: Seek Thermal

This thermal imager comes in TrueTimber® Kanati Camouflage or Pure Black; I have the TrueTimber Kanati Camouflage pattern. The rechargeable battery lasts more than ten hours; I have found I can recharge in the evenings, and I still have plenty of power all day long. The large color display boasts a thermal sensor of 206×156 for infrared detection, and it also has a 300 lumen LED flashlight, making this device even more beneficial to hunters.The single-hand interface allows easy usage of the imager, while allowing you to keep your other hand free to aid walking and carrying your weapon or pack. The 20° field of view detects temperatures of -40 to +626, detection range out to 900 feet of distance, day and night! If that wasn’t enough, this unit can take still pictures and video, and you have several options of heat display to help with your search.

I have found so many ways to use this unit. Recently my horses got out at night, I tried looking with a flashlight, but had no luck. I pulled out the Reveal XR and within just a couple of minutes, I located them at about 200 yards down by our pond. I could have spent hours looking with my flashlight, instead I was able to get them back in the fence and still get a good night sleep.

One of the deer I have seen with the Seek Thermal Reveal XR while walking to the barn at night. This one was about 30 yards away from me. Photo: Diane Hassinger

One of the deer I have seen with the Seek Thermal Reveal XR while walking to the barn at night. This one was about thirty yards away from me.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

On the same mind set, I now use the Reveal XR when I am walking to our barns at night, and the wildlife I see is amazing! I have had deer within ten yards as well as raccoons, opossums, and even a coyote off in the distance. Occasionally we have bear come into our yard, so it is nice to be able to see what I am walking toward even if the animal is behind brush.

In and around our house, the unit detects heat loses from windows and doors. After I scanned the windows, I was able to add insulation to the main areas that heat was leaking out, saving money on our energy bills. I can also scout for intruders in the dark, without alerting anyone that I am looking; there is no flashlight beam to be seen. I can also look beyond the windows at night to see if anyone or anything is lurking nearby.

Recently, I was able to use the unit while tracking a wounded buck. I was able to detect large puddles of blood, and the wounded buck standing in a cornfield, about fifty yards away. We may have walked right past him without the thermal imager. In February I have a hog hunt scheduled, during which we can hunt 24 hours a day. I will be taking my Reveal XR to help me maximize my chances of taking a good hog for the table. Check with your states hunting laws to determine the legality of a thermal unit.

Our guide in a corn field at night. Using the Reveal XR is easier to pick out object at night than using a flashlight. Photo: Diane Hassinger

Our guide in a corn field at night. Using the Reveal XR, it was easier to pick out an  object at night rather than use a flashlight.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

My grandkids like to use the unit to play hide and seek at night with the seeker using the unit to find the others. Getting the kids outside and enjoying the outdoors is always a great idea. I love that my “hunting gear” can be part of our everyday life!

The MSRP of the Seek Thermal Reveal XT is $449 and can be purchased at I know a couple of very good “little” boys on my Christmas list that would love to have one of these cameras!

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