People’s Choice Beef Jerky

3 01 2017

peoples choice jerky logo

The Old Fashioned line of People's Choice beef jerky. Photo: People's Coice

The Old Fashioned line of People’s Choice beef jerky.
Photo: People’s Choice

It is summer, and my homemade jerky has been gone for a long time! Hunting season doesn’t open for another 2 months, so what do I do? I opt to continue eating jerky made with the same type of commitment that I have to keeping jerky homemade and delicious!

When I make my own homemade jerky, I start with slicing the meat by hand, marinating in a delicious blend of spices, positioning the meat slices on my racks, and dehydrating/cooking till the jerky is done to perfection. People’s Choice Beef Jerky continues this same process, by hand, in their family run business. For 87 years, four generations, they have continued this tradition to bring homemade flavor and quality to your home when your own supplies have run out.

When you purchase People’s Choice Beef Jerky, you can expect some long time friends, of the jerky type; Hot & Spicy and Original.  Those two flavors are made in the “Old Fashioned” methods using a family recipe that dates back to the 1920’s and are simply what you expect from jerky. The “Classic Style” of Hot & Spicy, Original and Teriyaki, and beef sticks in the same varieties, are People’s Choice way of combating processed meat snacks. They use individual slabs of meat cut from solid pieces of meat. The “Carne Seca” line of products uses inspiration from downtown Los Angeles, This line includes Carne Seca Limon, Carne Seca Limon con Chili and Machaca. These are traditional Mexican flavors, with carne seca translating to, appropriately, dried meat, with the Machaca being shredded jerky chew. Now my favorite varieties come from the “Tasting Kitchen” line. These are limited editions, and feature new and special flavors, including; Garlic Ginger, Orange Honey Teriyaki, Sriracha and Sweet Chili Habanero.

Jerky is the perfect road trip or anytime snack. People's Choice Beef Jerky has many flavors to pick from. Photo: Diane Hassinger

Jerky is the perfect road trip or anytime snack. People’s Choice Beef Jerky has many flavors to pick from.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

It seems inevitable that when I am on a road trip, I crave jerky! Recently while on an extended road trip with my husband, we munched our way through an entire box of People’s Choice Beef Jerky. My absolute favorites were the Sweet Chili Habanero and Sriracha, while Dale is more traditional, with his favorites being the Original and Hot & Spicy. We both loved the meat sticks in all 3 flavors. I always feel so much better when we eat “real” foods rather than candies and chips. Meat snacks keep me from feeling hungry for a much longer period than junk food, so I don’t have to fight my diet as much when we get home.

People’s Choice says “we may not always do it the easy way, but we do it the right way¹”, which seems to be the motto of anyone who wants better quality and homemade. For more information on this tasty jerky visit The MSRP’s of the various products are:

  • All varieties of Jerky in 3 ounce bags $6.00
  • All varieties of 100% Beef Meat Sticks, 24 sticks for $18.00

All of the Beef Jerky and Meat Sticks are made with 100% USA beef, so obviously high in protein. If you are on a Gluten Free, Paleo-Friendly or Keto-Friendly diet, there is a People’s Choice Beef Jerky made for you! So while you are waiting for that first deer of the season to make your venison jerky, visit People’s Choice and find a traditional jerky alternative to tide you over!

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