Camp Chef Cast Iron Square Dutch Oven

4 12 2015

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Not your traditional round Dutch Oven anymore! Photo: Camp Chef

Not your traditional round Dutch Oven anymore!
Photo: Camp Chef

I love cooking outdoors, and Camp Chef and cast iron have been a big part of that. Recently, I found that Camp Chef had come out with a 13″ Cast Iron Square Dutch Oven, and I had to have it!

Traditionally, Dutch Ovens have been round; some have legs, and you could cook indoors or out. Cooking with cast iron allows heat to distribute evenly, and it cooks your food perfectly. A well-seasoned cast iron cookware will last for generations and be non-stick. The Square Dutch Oven, obviously has bucked tradition to come up with a completely new design. This 13″ True Seasoned Finish Cast Iron Dutch Oven has a built-in thermometer notch and convenient loop handles on the lid. The lid can even reverse to be used as a grill or used upside down on the Dutch Oven to cook two items at once.  there are no legs on this oven, so you can use it in your home oven.  The Dutch Oven holds eight quarts enabling you to cook for your entire family!

My rolled caribou roast cooked in the Square Dutch Oven. Photo: Diane Hassinger

My rolled caribou roast cooked in the Square Dutch Oven.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

At home we have big family meals. One such meal was our rolled caribou roast, which I cooked in the Square Dutch Oven for twelve people. I placed the seasoned rolled caribou roast with the onion soup mix and water in the Dutch Oven. I cooked this at 350° for about an hour. Then I added potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, onions, and Brussels sprouts; I cooked it for an additional forty-five minutes to an hour. Dinner was delicious!

While camping the Dutch Oven is my go to pot. I love baked apples done over a camp fire, and they are easy to make. I just core the apples, place camp chef Rolled-Caribou-Roast recipethem in the Dutch Oven along with sugar, cinnamon, brown sugar, and about one inch of water. Then I place the oven either in the coals or over a small fire. About forty-five minutes later you have a hot, wonderful dessert to enjoy! Don’t limit yourself to just one pot meals or desserts, you can cook breads, casseroles, and meats.

The True Seasoned Finish enables your Dutch Oven to be seasoned right out of the box. If you continue to care for your cast iron cookware you can easily pass it down to future generations to use and enjoy. The MSRP is $77.50, and considering how long you can expect the Dutch Oven to last, this is a bargain! You can buy this and many other cast iron cookware at There is also a link to a Cast Iron Recipe Book that can be downloaded to your computer or printed off at, which also has a section on caring for your cast iron cookware.

Find my recipe for the Rolled Caribou Roast at

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