Tenacious Tape Tattoos

15 11 2015

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Tenacious Tattoos come in 2 different patterns: Wildlife and Happy Camper. Photo: McNett

Tenacious Tattoos come in two different patterns: Wildlife and Happy Camper.
Photo: McNett

How often has patching your favorite jacket been fun? With Gear Aid’s Tenacious Tape Tattoos, you can achieve a good strong patch and bring some fun to your coat. There are two patterns to choice from: Wildlife and Happy Camper.

The Tattoos are made using Tenacious Tape, which is an ultra-strong repair tape. These fun shaped tattoos can be used to patch clothing, luggage, boots, waders, tents, or other outdoor/indoor equipment. They can patch a tear in your favorite clothes, cover up the stain that you are unsure how it got there, patch your tent, or act as an abrasion patch. They can also be used to personalize anything from your favorite coffee mug to your cell phone case. These tattoos are different from ordinary stickers; they use ultra-aggressive adhesive that won’t peel or lift. The adhesive continues to strengthen over time. The Tenacious Tape Tattoos stay in place in all-weather conditions and environments. They will adhere to almost any surface, and with their clean-adhesive technology, they can be removed when needed, without leaving behind a sticky mess. Once the tattoos are in place, they are machine washable. To prep for using the tattoos, you need to clean the area with isopropyl alcohol.

The Wildlife package includes silhouettes of: wolf, bison, fish, buck, bear, eagle, and several tracks and leaves. The Happy Camper package includes: squirrel, moon and stars, pine tree, campfire, Sasquatch, tent, cloud and rain drops,and several leaves and acorns. Between the two packages, there can be so much creativity!

I have used the Tenacious Tape Tattoos on several different applications. I adorned my grandson’s cell phone case with a wolf to add his own personalization. My granddaughter’s back pack was also personalized with a buck’s head, and I patched a slight tear in my new rain coat with a bear. I have only had the raincoat for a couple of months, so I was glad to be able to patch and personalize at the same time. I also put bear tracks on my cell phone; hopefully, now I will not mistakenly pick up another cell phone that looks like mine! I have always used McNett products to patch my waders, but this year they will be getting a fresh new look with the fun designs that are offered. I also envision my grandson’s jeans sporting several of the shapes, to cover the wear and tear on his pants. I am going to have fun converting some worn items into useful products once again!

From phone cases, to backpacks to raingear, Tenacious Tape Tattoos can fix rips, tears and holes, or just add a bit of fun and personalization. Photo: Diane Hassinger

From phone cases, to backpacks and rain gear, Tenacious Tape Tattoos can fix rips, tears and holes, or just add a bit of fun and personalization.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

The MSRP of the Tattoos are $9.95 and can be purchased at https://www.mcnett.com/gearaid/tenacious-tattoos#10820, and at mainly sporting good retailers across the country. Gear Aid has a fun, short quiz to determine which Tenacious Tape Tattoo Are You. Take this quiz at https://www.qzzr.com/quiz/which-tenacious-tape-tattoo-are-you/fi9xdWl6emVzLzM1OTgz.

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