Crackshot Snake Chapz for Youth

15 11 2015

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Snake Chapz now fit many youth sizes. Photo: Diane Hassinger

For anyone who hunts in venomous snake territory, a good pair of snake chaps or snake boots is a must. For younger kids who accompany you, Crackshot has a pair of Snake Chapz sized perfectly to protect your youngster. Since 2014, Crackshot has been making Youth Snake Chapz for ages four to sixteen; they are the original, ultra-lightweight snake chap with “full range” height adjustment. Cool, Comfortable Leg Armor!

A wide variety of sizes is available for youth. Photo: Crackshot Corp.

A wide variety of sizes is available for youth.
Photo: Crackshot Corp.

The Snake Chapz are made from 900 Denier Nylon and 18 oz. vinyl laminated polyester, which protects your youth from venomous snake bites, briars, and many other hazards they may encounter. The zipper is a number ten on the inside of each chap; this provides easy on and easy off for your child. The chapz design offer 100% full protection from the foot all the way to the waist, with comfortable knee movement. Being as children are so much closer to the ground, that extra height of protection is important. Snake bites cannot puncture the lining of the chaps.They are penetration tested to ASTM-1342-05 specifications. There are four sizes for youth: Youth 4-5-6 with a 17″ inseam and a thigh circumference of 13′, Youth 7-8-9 with a 19.5″ inseam and a thigh circumference of 15″, Youth 10-11-12 with a 22″ inseam and a thigh circumference of 16″ and the largest youth size they offer is the Youth 13-14-15 with a 24.5″ inseam and a thigh circumference of 17″. Order using the inseam and thigh circumference for best fit. These Snake Chapz are offered in both khaki tan and camo, to best fit your needs.

Snake Chapz protect your youth! Photo: Diane Hassinger

Snake Chapz protect your youth!
Photo: Diane Hassinger

When I am hunting, either my twelve-year-old granddaughter or my ten-year-old grandson will be only a few steps behind me. I am always alert to any possibility of them getting hurt or bit. Snakes can be one of those threats that you generally do not see until they are striking at you. Since it is hard to avoid hunting areas frequented by snakes, the only solution is to be prepared! My grandson, Ryan, wore the Youth Snake Chapz on a recent spring hunt. Not only did I feel confident that he was protected from snake bites, he was also able to push through the briars and thorns without being stuck and ripped by their sharp points. I can’t wait for our fall hunts; these chaps will also protect against burrs.There is nothing worse than coming in from your hunt, and finding that your outerwear is full of burrs, and generally they need to be removed one at a time. That shouldn’t be an issue this fall!

For more information go to The MSRP of the Youth Snake Chapz is $75.95, and you can find a retailer at  Being protected is better than having to get medical attention, especially for your youth! Best of all-these are 100% made in the USA!

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