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14 11 2015

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The Mr Heater Buddy Heater in the Limited Edition Muddy Girl pattern. Photo: Mr Heater

The Mr Heater Buddy Heater in the Limited Edition Muddy Girl pattern.
Photo: Mr Heater

I love products that can be used hunting or fishing, then do double duty in our home, the Mr Heater Limited Edition Muddy Girl Buddy Heater is one of those products. I don’t put the heater away once hunting season ends, because you never can tell when you will need it again.

In a partnership between Mr Heater and Moonshine L.P., the Limited Edition Muddy Girl Buddy Heaters showcase the familiar pink and purple Muddy Girl camo on the standard propane Buddy Heater. These radiant heaters produce either 4,000 or 9,000 BTU using a 1 pound cylinder of liquid propane. This is the perfect heating solution for tents or campers of up to 200 square feet.  You can also adapt to use a remote gas supply using an optional hose and filter. The unit is simple to use, simply rotate the knob to pilot and push, simple enough even in the dark. There is an Oxygen Depletion Sensor that prevents the unit from using up the available oxygen, and an accidental tip over safety shut off. Using a 1 pound cylinder of propane, you can expect just over 5 1/2 hours of heat at the minimum setting. The footprint of the heater is a mere 14 1/4″ X 9″, easy to fit in most camping or hunting situations.

The Buddy Heater in Muddy Girl Camo became a lifesaver during our winter power outage! Photo: Diane Hassinger

The Buddy Heater in Muddy Girl Camo became a lifesaver during our winter power outage!
Photo: Diane Hassinger

I received the heater, and just a day later I had the need to use it. During a Winter storm, we were at -22 degrees Fahrenheit, and our power was out! The house temperature was dropping quickly. I pulled the heater out of the box, and quickly read the instructions. We own several Buddy Heaters, but I still wanted to make sure that the unit was being used properly. With the Muddy Girl Buddy Heater in our living room, I ignited the pilot, and set the heater on low. I only had two 1 pound cylinders of propane, and at this point, I was unsure how long we would be without electric, I knew with using the Buddy Heater, I had 11 hours total of heat. Luckily our power was back on within 5 hours, but I felt lucky I had this heater nearby during this electrical emergency.

I hunt many states during deer season, including Illinois. During the last firearm season that I hunted there, the wind chill was -20, but we were getting gusts of wind that made it even colder. I opted to hunt out of a shooting house, with plexiglass windows. I used the Buddy Heater in the shooting house, keeping one of the windows cracked, both for ventilation and to allow the moisture created by the propane to dissipate. I stayed comfortable all day, and harvested a pretty good buck too!

Camping and fishing is also a big part of our lives. A big family fishing/camping trip is to New York in October. We have had weather ranging from 80 and sunny, all the way down to 15 degrees and snow, many years, we experience almost the whole range during our 10 day trip. This past year we had several days that the winds raged, and the temperatures dropped. My husband and I camp in a 16′ box trailer, that we have converted to haul our ATV, and have convertible living space. The Buddy Heater on the low setting keeps the 3 small rooms very comfortable and helps to dry out our wet clothing. Being able to get dry and warm helps keep the trip fun, especially when you are landing salmon in less than ideal weather. I love that our Buddy Heater can be useful year round and in many different situations. I make sure to keep one nearby always.

For more information on these extremely useful heaters, go to The MSRP is $79.99 and the Limited Edition Muddy Girl Buddy Heater can be purchased on the same website.At less then $80, get a couple to keep in your various shooting houses, campers, trailers, or home. That is a small price to pay for safety and comfort!

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