HSS Lifeline 2015

14 11 2015

hss logoDid you know that 86% of tree stand accidents happen while getting in or out of the tree stand? If you had a way to minimize the risk, would you take it? I know I would! I am a long time proponent of the Hunter Safety System’s Lifeline, and for 2015, they have made them even better!

The HSS Lifeline now has reflective material woven into the rope, HSS-RECON carabiner and the new HSS-COWBELL sound dampeners. Photo: HSS

The HSS Lifeline now has reflective material woven into the rope, HSS-RECON carabiner and the new HSS-COWBELL sound dampeners.
Photo: HSS

The Lifeline is made with a heavy-duty rope that ties off to the tree above the tree stand and extends to where it is tied off near the base of the tree, usually on the ladder or climbing sticks. New for 2015, the Lifeline has woven reflective material into the rope, which lights up at the slightest ray of light from your flashlight. This makes locating your stand easy, and the reflective material is only visible from the direction of the light.  All Lifelines accommodate tree stands up to thirty feet high. The Prussic knot enables the user to be attached to the Lifeline by the harness tether strap and the supplied HSS-RECON carabiner and the new HSS-COWBELL sound dampeners. The user slides the knot up the tree as they climb the ladder keeping them safe from a fall. No more worries when you move from the ladder to the stand or while you attach your tree strap. The Lifeline can be left attached to the tree for the entire hunting season, but it should be checked every two weeks for signs of deterioration or damage by rodents, such as squirrels.

While on a recent hunt, I was hiking in to a stand that I am not familiar with. I had installed my Lifeline the night before, so I knew I just needed to scan the area to be able to pick out the tree stand. As soon as my light came in contact with the Lifeline’s reflective material, it was as if someone turned on the Christmas tree lights! As bright as these appeared, I knew that nothing else could see them, unless they were directly beside me.

It is hard to get a good picture of what I see! Photo: Diane Hassinger

It is hard to get a good picture of what I see!
Photo: Diane Hassinger

The reflective material is not visible from the sides or back, just where the flashlight  beam comes in contact with them.  As helpful as this is, I look at that as a bonus. The real value of the Lifeline is that I can feel confident climbing, even the most difficult of climbing sticks or getting into the most awkward of stands. With the multiple surgeries I have had for breast cancer, sometimes I don’t have the upper body strength needed to pull myself into some of these stands gracefully. At no point do I feel exposed to danger while utilizing the Lifeline. The HSS Lifeline keeps you safe from falls, simplifies your set up in the stand each day, and gives you peace at mind that you may not even realize until it is not there! I have hunted without my Lifeline only once since I got my first one, several years ago. I was so uncomfortable, I am sure my mind was not on hunting. The funny part was that I was still attached to a tree strap, but I needed to hook into that strap at the top; I felt very vulnerable maneuvering in the tree stand. I have never forgotten my Lifeline again!

While trying to get a good picture for this review, I had a family member come out with me. They kept saying “I can’t see it, I can’t see it.” They were several feet to the side of me at the time. I had them come directly in front of me, and all of a sudden “WOW” they could see what I was talking about. The Lifeline was lit up like a string of Christmas lights from my small pocket flashlight. Amazing!!

HSS Lifelines can be purchased directly from HSS at http://www.huntersafetysystem.com/hss-lifeline/, or can be found at many of the larger sporting goods shops across the country. For the MSRP of only $39.95, put one in each of your stands!

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