UST FlexWare for Camping

13 11 2015


flexware 1.0

The FlexWare Bowl 1.0 in Lime. Photo: UST

When camping, I am always looking for ways to save space without foregoing the items I need to have with us. The UST Blue Sky Gear line of FlexWare is the perfect solution to this problem. Their unique design makes them collapsible while still being strong, durable, heat-resistant and flexible, making them easy to use and easy to store.

flexware 2.0

The FlexWare 2.0 in blue. Photo: UST

They are made of food grade silicon and the flexible rim is perfect for pouring. They can withstand temperatures up to 300°. All FlexWare is dishwasher and microwave safe.All FlexWare comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

flexware mug

The FlexWare Mug in orange. Photo: UST

The FlexWare Bowl 1.0 expands to 2 1/4″ X 5 1/2″ and holds a little over 16 ounces. Collapse the bowl and it takes up just 1/2″ X 5 1/2″. You can stack a lot of bowls when they only take up a little space! The FlexWare 2.0 Bowl features a rigid rim for secure handling, and expands to 4″ X 5″. You can collapse the bowl to a mere 1″ X 5″. The bowl holds approximately 24 ounces when expanded. The FlexWare Mug features a handle that folds tight to the cup for storage, and expands to hold 6.8 fluid ounces. The cup expands to 3.4″ X 3″ and folds down to a tiny 1″ X 3″. Using the FlexWare products free up a lot of room in my limited storage while camping. There are a lot of other products that I am looking to add, including a Coffee Drip and a Water Bottle. While the products I have are in blue, lime and orange are also offered on the website.

While on an extended camping trip with our family, we found more and more ways to use the FlexWare products. Our grandchildren used them at every opportunity for meals and snacks. Being as the bowls and mugs were flexible, I did not worry about them falling and breaking the items, or being cut by them. The kids felt free to take their snacks to whatever spot they felt comfortable in, including the hammock.

The Mug, Bowl 2.0 and Bowl 1.0 on a recent camping trip. Photo: Diane Hassinger

The Mug, Bowl 2.0 and Bowl 1.0 on a recent camping trip.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

flexware 2.0 collapsed

The FlexWare Bowl 2.0 collapsed. Photo: UST

The MSRP’s are:

FlexWare 1.0 Bowl $4.99

FlexWare Bowl 2.0 $7.99

FlexWare Mug $3.99

Find these and many more items at  For a list of retailers that carry these innovative kitchen products, go to

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