McNett Pink Towels to Support Breast Cancer Research

13 11 2015

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The McNett Pink Towel to Support Breast Cancer Research is only available for a limited time, order now! Photo: McNett

The McNett Pink Towel to Support Breast Cancer Research is only available for a limited time; order now!
Photo: McNett

McNett Outgo, the makers of my favorite microfiber towels, have made a very special pink towel available, with a portion of all proceeds going towards breast cancer research! These towels are the same quality as you have come to expect from their Ultra Compact Micro Fiber Towels, only in a bright pink color and an embroidered pink ribbon to show their support.

I am a two-time survivor of breast cancer, so these are very important to me, as research and early detection are the key to beating breast cancer. These towels are very compact, but will absorb five times their weight in water, wicking it away from your skin or hair with ease. A big bonus when camping or any outdoor activity using these towels, is their ability to dry faster than your standard terry cloth towels; the towels are treated with Silvaour, to inhibit any odor causing bacteria. At a generous 30″ X 50″ this towel will do double duty as both a body and hair towel. There is an attached loop that snaps closed for hanging, and the loop also has a place for your name, making it ideal for sending kids off to camp.

Sarah was thrilled to be able to towel dry her hair with the Pink Towel. Photo: Diane Hassinger

Sarah was thrilled to be able to towel dry her hair with the Pink Towel.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

I always have my original Outgo Microfiber towel with me when I go camping, but this time along side my moss colored towel I had the pink. My husband of course thought this was perfect as we could each have our own towel, and there would be no mistaking them. We rustic camp, so washing up means using  water out of the nearby creek. This was a family camping trip, and my granddaughter jumped at the chance to be able to use my new towel, Being as the temperature was only in the 40’s, getting the water out of hair, so it can dry quicker, is very important.

Other uses for these multipurpose towels could include: light blanket, body wrap, scarf or head wrap, padding for a seat, or even a picnic blanket. With time and use, I am sure to find many more uses for this unique towel. If you travel and spend time in the outdoors or are sending your child off to camp, these towels would make a great addition to your equipment. Actually any activity that you would need to shower or dry off, these towels would work wonderful for, indoors or out!

The MSRP of the towels is $24.95, and they can be purchased at; Remember, a portion of the sales goes toward Breast Cancer Research! To read my review on the other Microfiber Towels available, go to

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