Motorola Solutions Talkabout MU350R

28 11 2014

motorolaRecently I traveled to two different extremes for cell phone coverage; out on the Atlantic Ocean and to Northern Saskatchewan. While in either place I couldn’t communicate with my trusty cell phone. Thankfully I had the Motorola Solutions Talkabout® MU350R series radio with me.

These handy radios are ready to go right out of the box! Photo: Motorola Solutions

These handy radios are ready to go right out of the box!
Photo: Motorola Solutions

These radios are powerful and hold up to an adventurous life, plus the MU350R radios can be connected via Bluetooth headset and let you communicate wirelessly. These are weatherproof and give you up to 35 miles of communication, depending on the terrain you are in. So rain, shine, dust, or snow these radios will continue to provide reliable communication.

There is an emergency alert feature that informs you of any weather dangers heading your way or emergency evacuations and Amber Alerts; although the NOAA radio service may not be available in all areas. With the emergency preparedness abilities, you can transmit an emergency alert of your own; an alert siren followed by transmission of spoken or incidental sounds. There is also an emergency light source built into the radio allowing you to see your way out or to signal someone else. If you need both of your hands free to be grasping or carrying gear, activate the iVOX and use the radio like a speaker phone.

The MU350R packaging includes: 2 radios, 2 (AA) 1300 mAh high capacity NiMH rechargeable battery packs, 2 belt clips, 1 Y cable charging adaptor with dual mini-USB connectors, 1 emergency preparedness checklist, 1 Accessories brochure and the User Guide. Make sure to read the user guide to become familiar with all of the functions and features these Talkabout radios have. The radios themselves are comfortable to hold in one hand, with the talk button being conveniently located near your index finger. They weigh in at a mere .69 pounds, and are 7.77 inches high and 2.58 inches wide by 1.43 inches deep.

I keep them on VibraCall so that no ringing disturbs my surroundings. There are 22 frequency channels with 121 privacy codes, to ensure privacy, or use the scan feature and be in touch with many people. The radios run on either 3 AA batteries or rechargeable batteries. Camping we take advantage of using the regular AA batteries, since we have no power to recharge them with.

We stayed in communication, even when the weather turned bad.

We stayed in communication, even when the weather turned bad.  Photo: Diane Hassinger

Using the radios while fishing out of the Florida Keys, we stayed in communication with friends who stayed on dry land. While we were fishing the radios remained silent, but when the weather turned bad and we were headed in, we were able to inform them of our intentions, and an ETA that they could expect us. We were close to the 35 mile range of these radios, since there was little obstruction to the signal.

In Northern Saskatchewan, the radios were used as a safety measure. Cell phone service is completely out of the question and I was hunting many miles from my husband.  With the Mortorola Talkabout I was able to alert him when I shot a bear during the morning so that we were able to retrieve it while it was still daylight rather than waiting till dark for my designated pick up. It was also nice on previous evenings to have the ability to inform him of a problem, if one had arose. Some evenings I had long walks out to the designated meeting place and I was hunting during the black bear rut. I use my head when I am in situations like that, but still having the ability to let him know of a change of plans, locations or an emergency is most valuable.

The MSRP on the pair of radios is $149.99 and they can be purchased by calling 1-800-638-5119 or online at You can also find the complete line of accessories online.

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