HME Products Bag Target Stand

28 11 2014

hme logo goodLike most archers, I own a lot of targets, including several bag targets. I have always just sat them on the ground and they function fine, as a target, but they get filthy and covered with slugs. HME Products has a fantastic solution to that problem; the Bag Target Stand.

The HME Bag Target Stand with a 24" bag target. Photo: Diane Hassinger

The HME Bag Target Stand with a 24″ bag target.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

This heavy-duty square tubing stand, which is powder-coated in an olive finish, is easy to put together with just a wrench and socket. The hangers use carabiners to attach the target and adjust up to a 30” wide and 30” tall bag. The raised legs enable a solid stance on uneven ground. There is a stabilizer pin that will hold your target from swinging when your arrow hits the target, but I like it to swing at times—that tests my abilities just a bit more.

My yard is far from level, and the Bag Target Stand managed to hold my bag targets solidly even though I was shooting my crossbow, which slams into the targets. The fact that the bag is kept up off of the ground has to improve the lifespan of the bags; no more moisture accumulating on the bottom, no dirt and no bugs. I used the stand with both a 24” and a 28” target, with no apparent difference in effectiveness.

Use the HME Products Bag Target Stand and keep the damage to your bag targets limited to the damage your arrows and bolts do!

The Bag Target Stand with a 28" target, perfect for my crossbow. Photo: Diane Hassinger

The Bag Target Stand with a 28″ target, perfect for my crossbow.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

The MSRP of the HME Products Bag Target Stand is $34.99 and is available at many fine retailers. Find a link to which retailers at

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