Morrell Baseball Fieldtip Target

5 05 2014

morrell logoDo you often wish there was different way to practice archery with your children? Morrell Targets has a game series line of targets that make shooting your bow fun!


The Baseball Field Tip Target by Morrell.
Photo: Morrell Targets stock photo

These field tip bag targets feature a Baseball Game on one side off the target, and Bulls-eyes on the other. Measuring a generous 28″X28″X12″, they feature the Internal Frame System with 24 layers of arrow stopping power. The targets are 100% weatherproof, and are considered part of their X-Tended Life Targets. They are perfect for shooting with your child, as the target will stop arrows shot from both adult and youth bows. The baseball target has various sections that declare your shot a hit, home run, double play 2 outs, outs, triple play 3 outs and more. The bullseye side has 5 different bullseye targets to pick from.

These targets stopped all of the arrows within a few inches, and they were still easy to pull! Photo: Diane Hassinger

These targets stopped all of the arrows within a few inches, and they were still easy to pull!
Photo: Diane Hassinger

On a recent snowy weekend, 2 of my grandchildren were lamenting, “we have nothing to do.” That is the wrong thing to say in my presence, I will find something for them to do. Since we couldn’t run around and play baseball for real, we proceeded to get out the bows for a little fun. When I was initially looking at the target, I thought this was going to be easy, a shutout on my part. Then the target taught me there is a lot more than just shooting involved!

As we took turns shooting, I was of course shooting for the home run area. Ginger was taking the “easier” shot on the hits. After 4 shots; 4 difficult home runs for me and 3 hits and a grand slam for Ginger, we were tied up. I should have seen that one coming! There is as much strategy involved with this game as its namesake. Before we realized it, almost 2 hours had passed. We were so intent on our game that the cold didn’t matter, and the foot of snow was not a problem. We were having fun shooting and as a family!

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Hits, Home Runs, Grand Slams; Where will you hit?
Photo: Diane Hassinger

Morrell Targets are so concerned about the future of our youth, that they donate to the NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program), by means of money for scholarship and target support. Morrell Targets are also the official target for the NASP state and national tournaments. They have earned the honor of being named a Platinum Medal Level Sponsor!

The Baseball Fieldtip Target has a MSRP of $89.99, and can be purchased at You can also find a dealer for these at

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