Fish On! Books for Kids

5 05 2014

fish on books

Sarah enjoying book 1 "A Whirlwind Opener". Photo: Diane Hassinger

Sarah enjoying book 1 “A Whirlwind Opener”.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

Fish On Kids Books brings you a series of wholesome, action filled adventures of Gus Roberts written by K. J. Houtman. Gus loves the outdoors, especially camping and fishing! Life doesn’t always go exactly as planned though! A Whirlwind Opener is book 1 in the series of 5 stories. Gus flies with his Grandfather to meet up with the rest of his family at the cabin. Due to some unforeseen problems, Gus’s simple trip turns into quite the adventure for this 5th grader. The rest of the series follows Gus as he deals with bullies, camps, fishes, hunts, hikes, travels with his family and even competes in his first fishing competition.

These paper back books are approximately 80 pages each. They are written with many twists, while keeping good morality. Gus works hard to come through in each problem that is presented, and sometimes learns from his mistakes. They also include some good information, in the form

One of Gus's Journal Notes from the books. Photo: Diane Hassinger

One of Gus’s Journal Notes from the books.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

of Gus’ Journal Notes, on fishing to help your children learn good techniques, while they are enjoying the stories. The fiction books are geared toward the middle school reader, but are really appropriate for grades 2 through 6.

Sarah, at age 11, truly enjoyed the “action and lots of adventures”. While I was sent books 1 and 5 for review, she refused to read book 5 until she has read books 2, 3 and 4. Thankfully, we were able to download the Kindle versions immediately! She told me that the books really held her attention, and she wanted to know more about Gus. She is already wanting a book 6, so K. J. Houtman you need to get busy!

If you have children that enjoy the outdoors, take a look at these Fish On Kids Books to provide hours of enjoyment and entertainment for them.

The MSRP of these books is between $10-$11 and they can be purchased at They are also available for the Kindle E-Readers at


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