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5 05 2014

explore bowhunting logoThe Archery Trade Association (ATA) has created a program, Explore Bowhunting, for ages 11-17. They

Explore Bowhunting's Student Handbook, The Total Set-Up and the Gut's of It: Anatomy Flip Book. Photo: Diane Hassinger

Explore Bowhunting’s Student Handbook, The Total Set-Up and the Gut’s of It: Anatomy Flip Book.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

have designed this program to “spark an interest and passion for bowhunting in today’s youth.” (http://www.archerytrade.org/grow-archery/explore-bowhunting). Well let me tell you, they succeeded! I will try not to gush about this program, but it will not happen. This is the greatest beginning bowhunting program I have seen! While I am more interested in the content, which is top-notch, the presentation and quality of the handbooks is also excellent!

This program is designed to be used by schools, outdoor education centers, recreation programs,scouts, 4-H, summer camps, events or anyone who is interested in teaching youth to bowhunt or just get close to wildlife. This program teaches fundamental skill, awards skill achievement, makes activities fun, exciting and challenging, and has options to go to the next step. Their lesson plans were created to be used at intro to bowhunting events, 1 day or 1 week camps, or as a 6 week class. Birthday parties are also a great venue to utilize this fantastic program.

Sarah working on different types of broadheads and shot placement.  Photo: Shannon Best

Sarah working on different types of broadheads and shot placement.
Photo: Shannon Best

These professionally developed educational tools include; The Explore Bowhunting Curriculum Book, The Total Set-Up Equipment Booklet, Curriculum Media Pack (DVD’s and maps), a White’s Tale board game and the Student Handbook. It is apparent as soon as you open the student handbook, how much thought went into this program. It covers topics such as; tracking and animal sign, bowhunting equipment, tree stands and blinds, camouflage, hunting the wind, shot opportunity and placement, judging distance, spot and stalking, what to look for after the shot, trailing and even skinning and gutting. There is much more too, but pretty much if you can think of it being involved with bow hunting, it is in there. Pretty much like Ragu: It’s in there! The Total Set-Up Equipment Booklet is as jam-packed of helpful information. Read about archery terminology, parts of a compound bow, crossbow and recurve bow, with details on what each part does and how it works. The Explore Bowhunting Curriculum Book teaches the instructor how to teach the program, and follows along with the Student Handbook. There are also many fun activities to help teach, but make the learning fun!

We started using this program with my 2 grandchildren. Ryan at age 9 is technically younger than what the curriculum is designed for, but with his background in hunting since age 4, he followed along and understood the information. For both of them, this course was a reinforcement of what we have been teaching them already. The information is presented in such a way that it makes it easy for the kids to understand the hows and whys. They knew we hunted the wind, but didn’t fully understand everything about it until now, they just knew to do it! If you have youth in your family, church, neighborhood or schools, that are just getting started with bowhunting, this program should be a must to do! Sure you could try to teach everything on your own, but this program makes sure everything is included and in an easy to follow along presentation.

Contact your state’s wildlife agency to locate and register for a workshop of Explore Bowhunting near you. For more information about the Explore Bowhunting program, contact Emily Beach at  emilybeach@archerytrade.org; or Kelly Kelly at kellykelly@archerytrade.org.

Download the Explore Bowhunting brochure at http://www.archerytrade.org/uploads/documents/ExploreBowhunting_Brochure.pdf

Download the Explore Bowhunting Table of Contents and 2 Sample Activities at http://www.archerytrade.org/uploads/documents/SampleActivities_ExploreBowhunting2.pdf

Download the Student Handbook sample at http://www.archerytrade.org/uploads/documents/SH_Sample.pdf

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