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7 04 2014

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When Igloo came out with their new line of Yukon Cold Lockers, they made three promises to their customers; Out Haul, Outlast and Out Chill.

Yukon® “Outhauls” by offering a true capacity in their cold lockers. They use the measurements from the inside where it counts, the Yukon 70 will actually hold a full 70 quarts. They have solid handles that are formed right onto the cooler body, no more attached handles that can break away after time.The drain plug is tethered to the oversize drain enabling quick clean ups and no more lost plugs.

With a 5 year warranty, roto-molded construction and UV inhibitors, the Yukon is able to “Outlast.” They have also installed bigger, stronger hinges with stainless steel pins. One feature I really appreciate is the hinge holds the lid open so that you can use both hands placing items inside. The dual durable latches are animal proof and incorporate a T-handle for ease of opening.

They make it possible to “Out Chill” by using thicker insulation in both the body and lid, and a full gasket, like those used in refrigeration. Igloo has also used reversible skid/ non-skid feet to keep the locker elevated above hot surfaces, allowing air flow around the entire cooler. Use the skid side out when moving or unloading, and the non-skid side out when you want it to stay in place like on a boat deck.

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Ladies in Camo staff accepted the honor of Yukon Cold Locker Pro-Staff because we believe in this cooler. Igloo has long been a name to trust for 67 years. Our experiences have varied, due to the different environments and situations where we have used these coolers. One fact stays constant; Yukon delivers on their promises. These cold lockers come in various sizes from 50 to 250 quarts, with the MSRP of the Yukon 70 being $389.99. You can purchase your own at http://www.igloo-store.com/detail/IGL+YUKON+70 or at many retailers across the country.

yukon diane deer

Diane’s Yukon has been on the go; gator hunts in the heat of Florida, salmon fishing in the cold of New York, deer hunting in frozen Illinois, sailing, picnicking, camping and hog hunts. While I have not had the opportunity to try out the “keep cold for 7 days”, I have had my cooler stay cold for 5 days without replacing the ice while we were camping. This was our only refrigeration, and even though the temperature reached the high 60′s during the day, we never had a loss of coldness. I dumped out ice when we returned home. All of our friends and family now want to borrow my cooler and have had experienced similar results. I definitely need to add another Yukon in a much larger size! ~Diane H

Absolutely the best ice chest I have ever owned! Photo: Jeanne Peebles

Jeanne feels these are “Absolutely the best ice chest I have ever owned!” Being on the Gulf Coast we use our ice chests daily and to have one that does not require filling with ice daily is a dream! Our Yukon goes everywhere with us. Fishing, hunting, vacation or just in the back of the truck filled with cold drinks. Previously we would have to fill our ice chest daily. With the Yukon we can go up to 10 days without refilling!” ~Jeanne P

Nancy Jo also counts on her Yukon. “You can find my Yukon Cold Locker with me on every hunting trip; it is just as important as loading my weapon for the hunt. The reason I choose Yukon is a no-brainer….it keeps ice rock solid for the entire hunting trip. I can depend on Yukon to not only keep ice longer and my food/drink cold but also to keep game harvest cold until processed—no worry of spoiling or bacteria ruining the meat. Yukon is always on my gear list because I can count on it.” ~Nancy Jo AThe Yukon Cold Locker, is always on the go! Photo: Nancy Jo Adams

Out Chill! Photo: Nancy Jo Adams

See more at: http://www.yukoncoldlockers.com/product.php?name=Yukon70

Yukon® outhauls

True Capacity

  • Means measuring from the inside – not from the outside
  • Holds a full 70-quart load
  • Get the capacity you pay for
  • Maximum space for your catch or prey

Rock Solid Handles

  • Steady no-swing design
  • Permanent, theft-resistant
  • Wide enough for two hands

Tethered Drain Plug

  • Oversized for fast drain an quick clean-up
  • Stainless steel chain prevents loss
  • Clog and leak resistant

Reversible Skid and Anti-Skid Feet

  • Use the sliding side for easy moving and unloading, flip to anti-skid to keep locker in place. Non-markin

– See more at: http://www.yukoncoldlockers.com/product.php?name=Yukon70#sthash.ZpXWX4rU.dpuf

Visit the Far Horizons at http://www.yukoncoldlockers.com/far-horizons/ to see all the amazing ways fans are using their Yukons!

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