The Crush Bag Target by Morrell

7 04 2014

morrell logoAs a breast cancer survivor of 4 ½-years, I try to patronize as many products as possible that donate to the fight against breast cancer. Morrell has designed The Crush bag target with that in mind; as a portion of the proceeds go toward the fight against this terrible cancer that targets many more women than men. This is a target designed for females that makes a huge difference!

The Crush Archery Bag Target that donates a portion of sales to the fight against breast cancer!

The Crush bag target is a signature Tiffany Lakosky target and is eye-popping pink for breast cancer; which also adds to high visibility during target practice. This two-sided target is 24” by 24” by 12” thick, 100% waterproof and features the Internal Frame System. The field-point only bag is filled with Morrell’s patented Multi-Layered Density Design. The E-Z Tote carrying handle makes the bag very portable for anyone wanting to practice their archery skills.

Both sides of the bag feature five different bullseye targets; the larger centered one in the middle, and four smaller ones circling the outside. There are also twelve deer tracks that I am sure will be used as targets when we have a friendly competition going on. Proudly featured is the universal pink ribbon for breast cancer.

During a winter afternoon, I carried the target out into the snow for some much needed practice with our field tips. The bag stood straight without any external frame or support. All of the arrows shot into it, were stopped within a few inches of penetration and were easily pulled out. That feature is extremely important to me, as I do not have the normal pulling muscles left after the surgeries for my breast cancer, but there I was pulling each and every one out without a struggle. I, of course, was shooting Victory Archery Pink Arrow Project arrows. They donate a portion of their sales toward breast cancer also. I felt like I was making a difference while having fun.

I am shooting pink for breast cancer! Quality products like The Crush Bag Target make everyone a winner. Photo: Diane Hassinger

Before long, I was shooting against my granddaughter, and we were both making life long memories and having fun together. Ginger is only in her second year of shooting a compound bow, while I have 30 years of experience. We both were challenged by the target, with me taking the more difficult shots, and her using the larger and easier shots. A fun shooting target like this makes practice even more enjoyable. A beautiful afternoon’s memories were made possible by archery and The Crush Bag Target.

The MSRP of this target is $69.99, but considering that this is an X-Tended Life Target and the fact you can buy a replacement bag cover for only $25.99, this is an extremely reasonable way to practice your shots, help with the fight against breast cancer and spend time with your loved ones! More information can be found at  Find a local dealer for these targets at

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2 responses

9 08 2015
Tanya Ellis

Is this for a crossbow I have a muddy girl raptor?

9 08 2015

This will work great for a crossbow. I use bag targets for all my mine.

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