HME Better Crossbow Hanger and Maxx Hoisting Rope

7 04 2014

hme logo goodI typically hunt archery with my crossbow, due to surgeries. The bulkiness of the crossbows cause me to end up holding it the entire time I am in a tree stand. HME Products has designed a Better Crossbow Hanger that can hold my crossbow and so much more, allowing me more freedom in my stand!

The Better Crossbow Hanger by HME

The Better Crossbow Hanger comes complete with 3 mounting screws, so you can install the screws in 3 various stand locations, and simply move the hanger with you. No more wasting precious time fighting to get the screws installed into the tree the morning of your hunt! The design of the screws, provides an easy handle to screw them into the tree, and easy out also. Due to the higher weights of crossbows, they have flared out the mounting bracket to make it more stable, and beefed up the bolt in the folding arm to 3/8″. The universal hanger is powder coated, and the crossbow hanging fork at the end of the hanger, rotates a full 360 degrees to keep your crossbow at the perfect angle for ease of handling. The whole unit extends to 22 inches, and rated to hold 10 pounds. They have added a backpack accessory hanger, with a carabiner, that located closest to the tree for stability, and 2 small hooks perfect for binoculars, range finders or cameras.

Another great HME product designed to do double duty and make your life easier, is the Maxx Hoisting Rope. OK, so how can a rope make your life easier? This 25′ long pull up rope has a 360 degree reflective sleeve, which can truly be seen from every direction. Using this rope eliminates the need for bright eyes on you tree, but still makes it easy to see your way to the stand on those dark early morning hunts. The Maxx Hoisting Rope comes complete with a coated carabiner for easy and safe hook up of all of your hunting equipment.

Stock Photo: HME Photo: Diane Hassinger

I tied the rope off about 2 foot off of the ground, so that I could see the highly reflective sleeve from my trail. Going in on my last morning of deer hunting, I was able to locate the stand from a far distance, and adjust my path accordingly. I tied off my crossbow using the carabiner and quickly got my equipment set up on the Crossbow Hanger.

With everything I do, I like to nest. Even hunting, I like to be surrounded by my stuff, but where I can access it easily. I like my

Everything has a place on the HME Better Crossbow Hanger. Photo: Diane Hassinger

backpack to be set up the same every time, and I like to have my electronics, calls and rattles all within easy reach. Using this crossbow hanger, I now have a place for everything and everything is in its place! Ok, so maybe I am a bit OCD about this. But it is much easier for me to locate all my equipment if I know right where to look for it. I was able to position the hanger so that there is minimal movement involved picking my equipment up, this minimizes what the deer or bear see when I am hunting.

Packing up proved to be simple too. I didn’t have to fight my equipment while I tried to shove everything back into my pack. It truly was like having an extra set of hands. Once I lowered my crossbow, using the Maxx Hoisting Rope,  I undid the thumbscrew that holds the hanger to the tree and stowed it in my bag also, with the way the hanger folds up, everything fit into the pack with no problems. I opted to leave the mounting screw in the tree for my next visit, and I could also leave the Crossbow Hanger, if I was planning on hunting the same stand soon. I love products that simplify my life rather than complicate it!

To see these and more great items that HME has to offer, go to The MSRP of this Crossbow Hanger unit is $27.99, while the Maxx Hoisting rope is $3.99. Both are available for purchase at many of the sporting goods shops; for a complete listing visit At these prices, I may put one of each in each of my tree stands!

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