Pass on the Heritage with Hunter Hills Journals

19 02 2014

Hunter HillsIn my spare time I enjoy doing ancestry research. I love when I can find one of my ancestor’s handwritten journals. Some of these journals could be a hundred years old or older, and they contain a wealth of information that you cannot find anywhere else. With that in mind, Hunter Hills has a complete line of Sportsman’s Journals. All of these are handmade, formatted and leather bound and maintain a quaint look of the past. These give you a unique place to keep your hunting legacy alive for your grandchildren/great grandchildren and so on.

hunter hills 004

Hunter Hills Journals come in many sizes and formats.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

Whether you are a hunter, fisherman, or just like to keep a journal of your day, there is a Hunter Hills Journal made just for you. They have created formatted pages to help you keep track of your hunts and harvests, hunt specifics, personal information, notes, addresses, maps and pictures. They are customized for; Big Game, Fishing, Whitetail, Fly Fishing, Waterfowl, African Hunts, Upland Birds and Saltwater as well as a general Journal. They also can be personalized with your name laser cut into the leather and the title page can have your name or logo imprinted.

hunter hills 008

Details of my hunts were easy to record.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

I won my first Journal, and since that time I have purchased several as gifts and for myself. Recently I hunted South Africa for 2 weeks, and my African Journal went with me. The African field journal is a compact 4” X 7” with 110 formatted pages with a MSRP of $30; while the African Camp Journal is 5 ½” X 7” with 200 formatted pages and has an MSRP of $40. The African Lodge Journal measures 5 ½” x 7” with 220 total pages; 120 formatted pages and 100 photo sleeves and has an MSRP of $50 and $65 with photo tabs. I used the Lodge Journal so that I can keep pictures of my hunts right with the stories, and protected with the photo sleeves.

I updated it each day, because of that, my family can enjoy my experiences for many, many years to come. I keep a separate journal for the hunting I do local to North America and another for my Saltwater Fishing. Even with these trips being recent, my grandchildren love to flip through the pages and read the stories that go with each picture. It is not hard to imagine what type of reaction my great grandchildren will experience reading about my adventures. These are destined to become family treasures!

These books will become family treasures. Photo: Diane Hassinger

These books will become family treasures.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

During the summer of 2015 my family will be traveling to South Africa with some of our children and grandchildren. I plan to gift each with their own African Journal to start the legacy of their adventures. This is such a great way of “Passing on your heritage”. You can purchase these at Hand made in the USA.

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