Mineral Mizer Bags for your Wildlife

19 02 2014

mineral mizer logoMineral Mizer Bag makes a unique delivery system for keeping essential minerals available at all time for deer, bear, hogs and many other animals. These bags come pre-filled with 6 pounds of the granulated mineral blends, blended specifically for different parts of the country or animals targeted. The bags are extremely simple to use.

The moisture activated mineral filtration bag can be hung using the attached lanyard from any tree near the area you want to target. Wet down the bag with water to activate and let it hang; the humidity in the air and rainfall keeps the minerals flowing. One bag can last up to a year depending on your climate.  Refills for the bags are available at a very economical price. These are very different from mineral blocks you place on the ground in that they last a long time, plus when the deer are trying to lick directly from the bag you can get great photos via a trail camera.

Wild Buck Persimmon Mineral Blend

Wild Buck Persimmon Mineral Blend

Mineral Mizer Bags come in Wild Buck Persimmon Mineral Blend, Acorn Mineral Blend, Apple Mineral Blend, and Bad Boarz Mineral Blend. These are scientifically formulated to provide key nutrients to bucks during antler development. The minerals also help lactating does and their fawns. I used the Persimmon in Georgia for bear, hogs and deer. You would have thought I rang a dinner bell, within hours they wild game was utilizing the bag. In Pennsylvania, I have been using the Acorn Blend for deer, although I think they would like the Persimmon and Apple also, even though we do not have persimmons here.

In Georgia, I had bear and hogs almost from the first moment I hung the bags. The area that collected the dripping minerals stayed plowed up by their rooting. The big boars seemed to really like these areas; utilizing the area often. The only thing that could make this product better is if they could make nocturnal animals feed during the day. I let a lot of does and young deer walk, since I wasn’t targeting them, but the big boys came in after legal shooting light–sometimes by only minutes.

You can see the Mineral Mizer bag hanging in the tree on the right. Photo: Diane Hassinger

You can see the Mineral Mizer bag hanging in the tree on the right.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

The Pennsylvania deer reacted similarly. I had hundreds of pictures from the first night I hung the bags. Rabbits were also drawn in by the minerals, and I  realized we have many more rabbits then I had previously thought. These minerals will work for most of the wildlife. I had numerous whitetails crowding in to get their taste of the blends. Sometimes a lot of pushing and shoving took place. The area I hung these bags in is an area I try to keep as a safe haven for does and young deer; I don’t hunt this area.

Soon it will be time to get some new Mineral Mizer Bags hung and I am eying up many new locations! These bags can be purchased at https://mineralmizer.com/products-list with the MSRP of the prefilled Mineral Mizer Bags of $20.99 and the refill package of 6 pounds of blends for a MSRP of $12.99. When you weigh the cost against the life of the product, this is a very economical way to use minerals to draw in the animals.

Download the Mineral Mizer brochure at https://mineralmizer.com/my_downloads/3612_mm_brochure_updated_web.pdf

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