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19 02 2014


Do you know someone who has suffered a fall from a tree stand? Unfortunately, I do. His fall was not the fault of not wearing a harness, but rather from the transition from the lock on to the climbing sticks. Had he still been attached to the tree he would not have suffered such extreme injuries. Hunter Safety Systems Lifeline could have prevented his fall. Statistics show that the most dangerous period for falls from a tree stand is when the hunter is climbing in or out of the stand.

hss life line

The HSS Lifeline
Photo: Hunter Safety System

The Lifeline is a heavy duty rope that ties off to the tree above the stand and extends to where it is tied off near the base of the tree. All Lifelines accommodate tree stands up to 30 feet high. The Prussic knot enables the user to be attached to the Lifeline by the harness tether strap and the supplied climbing carabiner.

The user slides the knot up the tree as they climb the ladder keeping them safe from a fall. No more worries when you move from the ladder to the stand, or while you attach your tree strap. The Lifeline can be left attached to the tree for the entire hunting season, but should be check every 2 weeks for signs of deterioration or damage by rodents.

Game Camera Diane 390

The Lifeline installed above my tree stand
Photo: Diane Hassinger

I used the Lifeline in conjunction with my Hunter Safety System Lady Pro Series Safety Harness the entire archery season. It took only a couple of minutes to install; really about the same amount of time it takes to install a tree strap. Every time I used the Lifeline, I felt confident and safe.

At one point during archery season, I experienced an incident that made me truly feel that I had taken my safety for granted while hunting in Illinois. I had forgotten the Lifeline, not a big deal, since I still had my tree strap with me. As I climbed up that first morning, it was noticeable that I was not as comfortable as when I was attached to the Lifeline.

The rest of the day, I forgot about the line; that is until I went to climb down! My upper body strength is impaired due to surgeries for breast cancer, and I do have an issue pulling myself up and letting myself down out of a tree. Again, I was noticeably uncomfortable stepping off of the stand onto the climbing sticks. I will be doing my best NOT to forget my Lifeline ever again!

The HSS Lifeline does several important things: keeps you safe from falls, simplifies your set up in the stand each day, and gives you peace at mind that you may not even realize until it is not there!

HSS Lifelines can be purchased directly from HSS at, or can be found at many of the larger sporting goods shops across the country. For the MSRP of only $39.95, put one in each of your stands.  After all, what is your life or quality of life worth? Stay Safe!

For more on the HSS Lady Pro Series Safety Harness, please visit

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