Grapple your Gear with Gear Grappler

19 02 2014

gear grappler logoDo you get frustrated when you drop items out of your tree stand? I know I do. I admit to being clumsy.

Gear Grappler by Simpson Outdoors

Gear Grappler by Simpson Outdoors

If you tend to drop items from your stand then this item is for you. The Gear Grappler by Simpson Outdoors is a multi-function hunting and tree stand accessory.

You will not believe what they have managed to fit into this small compact unit, that weighs only 7 ounces. Let’s start with the 30 foot 550 paracord rope. Paracord is used for many things out in the woods including; pull up rope for your gun/bow/pack, clothesline, tie stuff to your pack, tie up a tarp for emergency shelter, use to make a splint or a sling, use as a tourniquet or a multitude of other things.

Couple it with the 4 1/2″ long, 1 1/2″ wide, nylon Gear Grappler and you can pull up dropped items with ease. The Grappler has 3 stainless steel grappling hooks that rotate individually into multiple positions, including folding flat for easy storage. There are also three rare earth magnets embedded into the sides of the unit, rated to lift 3.3 pounds, and a larger rare earth magnet on the bottom of the unit that can lift 5.5 pounds. No more having to climb down to retrieve your dropped arrows, knives, saws and calls. Use the grappling hooks to snare your dropped gloves, hats, quivers or even just leave your backpack on the ground for retrieval later. Do you have one limb that is in your way, and you just can’t reach it? Throw the Grappler over it to pull it out of the line of view. Tie the paracord around your tree to have an instant access hanger for your bow or pack.

There is still more! Inside the Gear Grappler is waterproof storage that contains strike anywhere matches and cotton balls. Use this to start a fire or toss a small bit of the cotton to determine wind direction. You could also remove the matches that are included and use as a dry storage for something of your own choosing.

My backpack was easy to latch onto to, and lifted just as easily! Photo: Diane Hassinger

My backpack was easy to latch onto to, and lifted just as easily!
Photo: Diane Hassinger

When I crawled up into my tree stand, I attached my gun to the rope and pulled it up after I was settled. I had deliberately left my backpack on the ground to see how hard it would be to snag and lift it. It took me only a moment to catch the strap and have my pack lifting off the ground. Of course I dropped my glove a couple of times, and a knife, on purpose just to play. It almost felt like a fishing game. Okay, time to get serious. I tied the cord around the tree and opened up one of the hooks to hang my back pack. I need to get back to hunting, that is the only way I can try using it as a deer drag too.

You can get more information and purchase your own Gear Grappler at With a MSRP of $29.99 this multi-tool can be in everyone’s hunting pack and with some thought, you could find even more uses. Did I tell you, this product is “Proudly Made in the USA.”

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