The Best Buddy for a Crossbow; The XBow Buddy Sling

14 12 2013


crossbow buddy

The X-Bow Buddy Sling by H & M Archery
Photo: Cass Creek

If you hunt with a crossbow, you probably love hunting with it, but wish there was an easier way to carry it to the stand or during a spot and stalk situation. X-Bow Buddy Sling by H & M Archery takes care of that problem.

cross bow buddy sling

The X-Bow Buddy Sling installed on a TenPoint Crossbow Photo: Diane Hassinger

The X-Bow Buddy Sling allows you to hold your bow in the ready position rather than on your back. The unique design works whether you are walking, standing or even sitting in a stand or blind. This enables you to use your hands freely, while doing away with any fear of your crossbow falling. The weight of the crossbow is also transferred to your shoulder rather than your arms, leaving your arms fresh when the shot opportunity comes.

The X-Bow Buddy Sling has a tubular fiberglass rod covered in nylon webbing strap that is attached to a metal rod installed on a bracket on the foot stirrup. The strap is elevated above the front of your crossbow high enough for it to clear the scope, and conveniently stays out-of-the-way of your shot. The assembly is very simple, you just need a wrench to tighten 4 nuts, adjust the strap to your shoulder and you are ready to go. The strap is removable for storage and travel in a case by loosening one knurled nut. The entire unit easily converts to a conventional over the back strap. The sling fits most crossbows on the market including TenPoint, Horton, Excalibur, Barnett, Parker, and Darton.

dianes 200 pound doe

The X-Bow Buddy kept my crossbow at the ready when this 200 pound doe came in.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

I have been using the X-Cross Bow Buddy Sling throughout the archery seasons in various states this year. During my Spring black bear hunt, I spent 4 days riding on the back of an ATV in and out of the timber. The sling made it easy to keep my crossbow safe, while being able to hang onto the quad. In the tree stands, I was able to sit comfortably with my crossbow cradled by the sling, leaving me free to film and take pictures of the many bear antics I witnessed. Traversing the hilly terrain to my deer stands was effortless, I was able to manage the crossbow and still have my hands free to use my flashlight and carry my other equipment.

The X-Bow Buddy Sling can be purchased at, various online retailers and in some sporting goods stores. For a low MSRP price of $39.99, you will wonder why you didn’t have one on your crossbow sooner! I personally hope to be stalking hogs soon using my crossbow and X-Bow Buddy.

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