TenPoint Stealth SS Crossbow

14 12 2013

TenPointCrossbows logoDue to cancer surgery 4 years ago, I am unable to hunt with my compound bow. That necessitated in my purchase of my original TenPoint Crossbow. They have, since that time, taken a great crossbow and made it even better!

stealth ss imageTenPoint recently came out with their new Stealth SS which is their shortest and most compact crossbow to date. It uses TenPoint’s XLT bow assembly and their new FSB stock to come in with an amazing crossbow that weighs only 6.8 pounds. Anyone who has used an older TenPoint  will appreciate the ACUdraw cocking mechanism handle that now has a home incorporated into the stock, no more leaving your truck without it. The ACUdraw also helps make quick work of cocking even though the draw weight is 185 pounds.

They also have improved safety measures including a finger guard, and they made the bow lighter, quieter; all in all an efficient weapon. The TenPoint’s 3x Power Pro-View 2 Scope is easy to sight in, and stays accurate. The short axle to axle length makes this crossbow ideal for blinds and tree stands, any place that has a confined area. The kinetic energy is right around 100 foot lbs, depending on your arrow and broadhead selection. Couple all these factors with the complete line of accessories, and you get a crossbow to fit all your needs.

Bear Hunt Erins 227

7 foot black bear taken in Saskatchewan with the new TenPoint Stealth SS
Photo: Diane Hassinger

I used the TenPoint Stealth SS on a recent black bear hunt in Saskatchewan. The night I harvested my 7 foot black bear, the hunting conditions for both the crossbow and for black bear were much less than ideal. We had a storm roll in right as we were leaving camp. The winds were fierce and the rain was coming down hard. My bear crossed within 10 yards of my tree stand, and I pulled the trigger on my Stealth. The bolt shot straight and true, passing through his huge chest and lodging in the dirt on the other side. I watched as he bit at his side, and only made it 15 yards before crashing in the undergrowth.

Florida 006

Diane’s 11′ alligator taken with the Tenpoint Stealth SS Crossbow.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

I also used the TenPoint Stealth SS on a recent alligator hunt in Florida. I had equipped the crossbow with an AMS Big Game Retriever Reel. Once a large gator had been located I placed a great shot from the Stealth SS using the Muzzy Gator Getter points. It took all 3 of us on board to load the gator into the boat. TenPoint had just helped me harvest a fantastic 11′ gator that weighed 450 pounds!

If you are looking for a crossbow, the TenPoint Stealth SS is a great investment. It boasts a MSRP of $1,219; which includes the TenPoint 3x Pro-View 2 Scope mounted on a 7/8-inch fixed dovetail mount, the ACUdraw cocking mechanism, Instant Detach 3 arrow quiver and ambidextrous quiver bracket, 3 Pro Elite carbon arrows with field tips, and an Instructional DVD. You can purchase the TenPoint Stealth SS at http://www.tenpointcrossbows.com/shop/shopexd.asp?id=479 or find a local dealer through the same link. 

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