HiViz with TriViz Fiber Optic Shotgun Sight

14 12 2013

hiviz-logoThe HiViz shotgun sight, called the TriViz, is a very reasonable priced sight that helps with your
turkey shooting and other shot-gunning situations.


TriViz by HiViz
Photo: HiViz

The TriViz is a front and rear combination sight set with green HiViz LitePipes, that utilizes a triangular shape to form your sight view, rather than crosshairs or a circle. The LitePipe tecchnology
ensures the sight is bright and easy to see, and includes 4 LitePipes in various sizes to adjust elevation, and there is an adjustment for windage also. The rear sight is designed to be
removable, based on the type of hunting; use it with the rear sight for deer and turkey, or without it for wing shooting. The best part is that this sight can be installed on all shotguns, with removable front beads and all the common vent rib sizes, without any drilling or tapping. The rear sight clamps onto the vent rib and tightens with 2 small bolts, while the front sight uses one screw and a tape strip to hold it in place. The unit made of blue steel and fiber optic insert is virtually weightless on
shotguns, with an installed weight of only 0.2 ounces, while the height of 1 inch keeps the unit streamlined .

product reviews 031

The TriViz sight installed on a Remington Shotgun
Photo: Diane Hassinger

product reviews 004

The bright sight window of the TriViz sight.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

I installed this sight onto a Remington Semi-Auto 12 gauge, after removing the front bead, the
rest of the installation took only a few minutes. While I was testing this sight out, by shooting a turkey target, it was extremely easy to acquire your target; there was no guess work on where you would hit it. There is adjustment available to sight it in, The various sizes of the triangular Litepipes allow you to change the elevation of your sight picture to perfect the positioning of the shot. But any of the first 3 shots out of the gun would have killed a turkey no problem.

I handed this shotgun off to my daughter who prefers handguns to shotguns. After just a short instruction on the use of this gun and sight, she also nailed the target perfectly. That impressed me immensely as she had never even shot this shot gun prior to this test.

The TriViz Shotgun Sight Set can be purchased at At the “easy on the pocket price” of $36.55, this is a fantastic way to improve
your shooting without draining the bank.

product reviews 006

Before and after shots of the TriViz sight in action.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

turkey target

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