Cass Creek’s Nomad Wild Boar Call Brings in the Bacon

14 12 2013

cass-creek-logoCass Creek Outdoors makes one of the few wild boar calls I have been able to find. Their Nomad Wild Boar Call with Moving Sound Remote gives you a wide selection of hog calls designed to help you bring home the bacon!!

cass creek hog call

Set up of the Nomad Wild Boar Call is easy.
Photo: Cass Creek

I set the receiver up near our hunting condo, aka blind. There are no wires to the call, and the receiver is very light to carry into the fields.I attached a lanyard to the remote so I would not have to search for it, while the speaker/receiver can be clipped onto your pack or belt.

You are able to control up to 3 receivers from the one remote, which will make the sounds as if they are moving toward or away from you area. The system has 5 calls you can chose from: Feeding Frenzy, Contented Feeding, Social Grunts, Fighting, and Feeding Piglets. My favorite combination was the Social Grunts coupled with the Feeding Piglets. I have heard the same grunts and squeals when we have stalked up onto a feeding group of hogs. 

I started calling just shortly before dark, and it didn’t take long before we were seeing results. The various series of calls sound very realistic, and the volume control adjust in a clear concise sound. There was a lone boar cautiously making its way into our clearing. I made short work of the hog and quickly got set up again. I had a reddish sow come back in before long, and she also rode home with us.

turkey hunt 004

The Cass Creek Nomad Wild Boar Call was used to call this sow in.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

Remember to check with your local regulations before using an electronic call, as they are not permitted in some areas. Where they are legal, these will be a huge advantage to filling your tags.

The Nomad Wild Boar Call is available for purchase at,, Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas, various other sporting goods shops or at The MSRP is $79.99. They also offer these calls in Predator, and Moose.

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