The Important Stuff

22 10 2012
This post originally appeared in Ladies in Camo Field Journal
21 Oct

Some of the important stuff in my life!

Some of the important stuff in my life!

I have spent the last 2 weeks on the road hunting in Georgia and Alabama.  During that time I have made many great lasting memories and made some new friends.  This morning I was stalking hogs with my husband Dale along with Terry and Dillon from Racknine Outdoors.  I was really enjoying our time, the weather was beautiful and we were finding lots of fresh hog sign.

Should have been a perfect day, but it wasn’t.  Maybe I got homesick, I don’t know.  But we were walking along one minute with me thinking how I really love hog hunting, and the next minute my son popped into my head.  I started thinking how Matt would have really loved this, but he will never get the chance to experience it.  You see he died in a boating accident 16 years ago at the age of 16.  His death has changed our family forever.

That got me thinking (and crying) about how we need to focus on the important stuff.  Family, God, friends and health. The rest of it really doesn’t matter.  Get your kids and grandkids out in the woods, take them hunting, fishing, hiking or bird watching if that is what your are into.  Spend quality time with them, bonding over the simple things in life. Teach them about the outdoors so they in turn can teach their children.  Make sure they know your love, don’t let a day go by without telling them.  You really don’t know how long you will have them for.  Help them create wonderful memories that will comfort them in the future.  Life is a double edged knife, any of us could be gone tomorrow.

So enough said.  Next weekend Dale and I are taking our family and going camping and fishing in New York.  We will laugh, play, fish and have memories to sustain us.  I am going to help untangle lines and unhook fish for my grandchildren, take lots of pictures and ingrain every minute into my heart and brain.

“Love the Life you Live, Live the Life you Love” – Bob Marley

HerCamoShop Review

5 10 2012
This post originally appeared in Ladies in Camo Product Reviews
Diane reviews Her Camo Shop

On a recent bear hunt, I tried out the scent free line from HerCamoShop. Every afternoon was very extremely warm, and would be a challenge to any scent-free product.The shampoo and conditioner kept my hair in some semblance of order; this is a tough job for any hair regimen. My hair is oily and does not respond well to a lot of shampoos. HerCamoShop Scent-free Shampoo cleaned my hair while controlling some of the frizziness from the humidity. The body wash left my skin feeling clean and with no obvious smells left behind. The lotion was used the most freely; we had high winds, and I was getting wind burned until I started applying the lotion

A nice added bonus was my husband also used the products; he has skin allergies that limit his use of skin care products. He is very cautious when it comes to trying new items, but he suffered no reactions, and stayed scent free also!

The true test of a scent-free hunting product is, of course, does it keep you “hidden” from the big game you are hunting.

I had multiple bears come into my stand, and none ever were made aware of my presence.
Tuesday evening I had a sow black bear make her way into my area. She milled around for a full 20 minutes
before she was chased off by a boar bear.

I have wonderful video and memories of her while she was unaware of my presence. The boar that came in was huge, and he had gotten that way by not being dumb.

He wandered around totally unconcerned. I have no doubt in my mind he never even knew I was there. HerCamoShop Scent-Free products helped me reap a true trophy!

When I am hunting, I do not bother with trying to “fix” my hair, so the Hair Spray and Hair Gel had to wait for a later time for me to try them out.

I chose an evening that I was going out to dinner with friends and family. I used the entire scent-free line, and controlled my hair with help of the Hair Spray and Hair Gel.

I had never thought about it before, but being  scent-free, these products did not compete with my perfume! That was an added bonus!


I was left impressed with the HerCamoShop products, and would recommend them to any hunter looking for an edge in their hunting or in their everyday lives.


HerCamoShop Scent-Free Shampoo $6.99

HerCamoShop Scent-Free Conditioner $6.99

HerCamoShop Scent-Free Hair Spray $4.99

HerCamoShop Scent-Free Hair Gel $4.49

HerCamoShop Scent-Free Lotion $4.49

HerCamoShop Scent-Free Scent Eliminating Body Wash $6.99

All of these products and more are available for purchase


Added October 15, 2012

Recently I did a review of the HerCamoShops scent free products for Ladies in Camo. Since that time, I was hoarding the shampoo and conditioner to use during my hunts. Two weeks ago I started a 2 week long hunt in 2 states. Obviously I used the HerCamoShop products daily. I had breast cancer 3 years ago, and since that time I have been taking an anti-cancer medication, and I have most of the side effects that it can cause. One of those is my hair feels “burnt”, hard, crispy and totally unruly. Using the shampoo and especially the conditioner daily, my hair is almost normal again. I can not get over the difference in it. I loved these products before, but I am over the top in love with them now. These will no longer be hoarded for hunting only. These have now become my daily choice. I need to order MORE!