Twenty Up Productions

25 07 2012

I learned today, that I have been selected as a Pro-staff for Twenty Up Productions. I am looking forward to working with these fine people in this new venture.

I have a lot going on this year, and it’s GOOD.  When I think back just a mere 3 years, life was so precarious.  I still have Doctor appointments and tests, but life is normal again.  Wait, Life is Wonderful Again!

Everyone, please take care of yourself, your health is important,  Enjoy your life, love your family, cherish your friends, do your best at all you do.  Live the life your love, Love the life you live!!

Tarpon in the Keys

8 07 2012

This post was originally posted in Ladies in Camo Field Journal

We journeyed to Florida Keys, primarily to move a boat co-owned by my husband and his friend. While I was in the Keys, I had the opportunity to go out tarpon fishing at night on the falling tide. We went out of Bud and Mary’s Marina in Islamorada, with Captain Ben. The bite was slow to start, but when they started, the action was fast and furious! Several were hooked up, but lost on the way to the boat. Then a big fish struck my line, and for the next half hour I had the world by the tail! This fish did several jumps, and runs, with me fighting him for over a mile. By that time, we were both wore out. This tarpon probably weighed about 175 pounds, and was the biggest one i have landed to date! We snapped off a few quick pictures, and released him to fight again. Within minutes another took Joe’s hook. This one was acrobatic, and wore himself out really fast. Then my rod again bent over, and a fish about 100 lbs took off. I landed this one relatively quickly, getting soaking wet in the process. With the temperatures in the 90′s, I was not complaining!