11 05 2012

Isn’t it funny how something you can not even see can affect your life so entirely?  It is not physical, but you can feel it physically.  It is not a fluid, yet it flows throughout your being.  Some people are guilty of having to much or to little.  I, of course, am talking about emotions.

Of all the things I am guilty of, feeling others pain is probably my biggest downfall, or is it my greatest attribute?  I have several people I care deeply about that are hurting emotionally right now.  I am trying to be there for them to cry on my shoulder, or talk about their greatest fears.  Unfortunately the greatest love I can give them right now, is tough love.  They need to know I care, while they find a way to work through their emotional demons.  I need to turn a deaf ear to their cries for me to intervene, while I am dying inside.  I need to care enough to let them do this, so they can move on with life, and not choose death.

I am a fixer, I fix things for everyone, but this time the only way I can fix the problems, is to insist on not caving in to their pleas.  I can’t make things better, only they can do that for themselves.  But I can be there, I can listen, I can love.  I just can’t do what I am best at, fixing their problems myself.

Tell your family and friends you care, listen when they need you too, cry with them or for them.  Be strong, sometimes that is all you can do.  Share your strength.  Love the life you live, and help someone you love to live a life they love.



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