Review of Raven Wear Muff

20 04 2012

Posted on April 1, 2012 at Ladies in Camo.

I attended the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show in Harrisburg, PA, and there was one item that really jumped out to me; The Convert-A-Muff made by Raven Wear. At first glance the muff is like so many other hand warming muffs on the market, but when you look closer there is a major difference. This muff unrolls to create a seat warmer, a back warmer or a lap warmer. There is a zippered compartment perfect for hand warmers or other small gear. The entire unit straps around your waist (or the tree) and while walking you can roll your coat into the Convert-A-Muff for ease of carrying.

The simple design makes it useful in so many ways. I tried it out on a recent hog hunt. The muff does everything they advertise and so much more. I wrapped it around the tree stand bar so my gun would rest quietly.

I moved the rolled unit to my back to use as a lumbar support, the combination of fabrics used really holds the heat in. The only downside was the Velcro fasteners make a lot of noise, but only when unrolling it. I could easily see me finding new ways to use this product every time I use it. Soon I am flying to Saskatchewan, and I can see the Convert-A-Muff becoming my neck pillow on the flight.

If you hunt in cold weather, you will enjoy the benefits this Convert-A-Muff has to offer. At $80 this muff is an affordable way to stay warm while enjoying your hunts.

Contact Information:

Raven Wear of Canada Inc.
Box 411
Caroline, Alberta, Canada
T0M 0M0



2 responses

10 05 2012
Susan Hindbo- owner- Raven Wear

Great review. Thanks so much. It’s a very popular item. We try to keep a good inventory. The email address shown is incorrect. It should be

11 05 2012

Thanks so much, I am correcting the email right now. Thanks for a great product!

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