16 02 2012

It has been a rough week here, it seems cancer and other life disrupting diseases are ravaging people I love. I am feeling philosophical, “life is like a box of chocolates”. No, No, No, I mean life is like snow.

As I sit here watching the snow fall, I am at first mesmerized by its beauty, then the dangerous nature of snow and ice creep into my thoughts. Snow like life can be beautiful to watch from the outside. Many lives are being touched, and some destroyed. The beauty at times covers the true challenges that everyone faces. You can present a façade that people cannot see behind, project a picture that distracts from the pitfalls.

As I wait for the snowfall to cease, I am also waiting on the dreaded phone call that lives of people I love have also come to an end. Love your family while you can. Share your love with the people who matter to you. Do what you can to help ease burdens. Share the beauty and the pain. Know that Spring is ahead, and life will go on. Just look into the innocent face of a newborn and you will see our future. The never ending cycle of life.



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16 02 2012
Elizabeth Grossman

Diane, as you know, I have lost love ones to the Big “C”. What you have said here is so true and really hit home. I try to not take anything for granted. You are always in my prayers.

16 02 2012
Eva Sunny

How touching this is and so true, very deep meanings in this! Be kind to those around you and always give your best because you never know when the receiver on the other end of your smile may just need it a little more than the moment you felt like faking a smile for them.

19 02 2012

The snow has stopped, and so has my Father. RIP Daddy

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